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Brendan Nelson was also a Defence Minister in the last few years of the Howard Government was promoted to Opposition Leader after losing the 2007 election. Also Labor won a majority which was their last until now.

i have heard alex hawke is canvassing numbers

The Daily Telegraph reports today that Pauline Hanson has declared that she will make herself the face of the “no” campaign against an Indigenous “voice” to federal parliament. The report says that Hanson’s office had registered 46 website domain names, including VoicetoParliament.com.au and Ulurustatement.com.au, in preparation for the campaign against the voice.

I do not necessarily think she should put herself as the face of anything, chances are will turn the result against a no vote. It seems as though she does not see that side of the coin.

Agree, anything to try and maintain her waning profile. Plenty of people would already consider voting no as it is without necessarily being a supporter of Hanson.

Good let her be the face then. This vote is a no brainer anyway.

In that case, I support Pauline Hanson becoming the face of this campaign :+1:

How surprising :roll_eyes:

Will be about as successful as her party. Ala Never.

Since the start of the new parliament I’ve noticed that Albo has become much more stronger and confident at delivering his points across Question Time. His delivery style and the substance in his responses make the coalition look like a bunch of buffoons.


I’m no Hanson fan and her face will probably help the yes campaign.

But I don’t agree this vote is a no brainer. Not at all. What makes you so sure about it?


Because it’s about equality being enshrined in our constitution. It is also something 70% of Australians said they support. After years of broken promises this is just a small step that we can do to help our First Nations people. A political recognition would lead to greater economic improvement and would lead to longer improving lives of minorities.

We can learn from Canada where this is something they did years ago. And not only them but Germany, Finland and South Africa have done similar.

Voting no is just moronic and selfish and shows a lack of empathy and understanding.

The only thing we really need now is a bipartisan acknowledgment. Because this is a no brainer and shouldn’t be creating division between the left and right. If racists like Pauline want to contest it for no good reason so be it. But liberal and labor should and will be in agreement on this I would say.


Describes the current opposition leader and the coalition quite accurately.


Doesn’t mean it will pass as a majority of states. There’s a good reason why so few referenda have been successful. My biggest fear with this is how the “no” campaign will behave, sadly I think it will be worse than SSM and be full of disinformation which we have already seen fr Hanson and her ilk.


It shouldn’t be worse than same sex marriage if it gets bipartisan support.

Didn’t SSM habe bipartisan support?

It’s actually about inequality being enshrined in our constitution. It’s about one group of people having an additional voice in parliament that the other 95% do not.

I don’t think the Yes campaign will be cented on equality - that would be very stupid.

Our democracy is based on everyone having an equal say. I am undecided and I will need a hell of a lot more detail on what powers the voice has before voting yes.


This already shows a complete misunderstanding. It’s about indigenous people making suggestions on indigenous people.

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Yes it did. I didn’t say it didn’t.

So bipartisan support from the major parties (albeit with a conscience vote on the floor) is no indication of how vocal fringe groups will comduct themselves. It will be awful, truly awful the way they conduct themselves.

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