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Yes that too, though i was never a big dessert person.

I took the family last week to Browns Plains in Brisbane which is also dine in. was not bad, but not great either. given what they charge ($20 per adult, $13 per child, with drinks on top) i’d rather go to the local pub that also has a buffet - its about $20 more but there is much more variety.

on another note, Hungry Jacks Mt Ommaney (western suburbs of Brisbane) is closing on Nov 28. I’m hearing a Zombero’s will take its place but i can’t confirm it

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Yeh they were clever because after all the pizza and endless soft drink, there wasn’t much room for dessert.

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All these posts about Pizza Hut dine-in/buffet has brought back some warm childhood memories. And making me hungry too.

I had a look and found this link from Pizza Hut re dine-in locations. I am not sure how updated this link is but they are all in non-metropolitan areas.

As I am in Melbourne, the closest for me would be Ballarat. I may make a trip to Ballarat and make a special appearance to relive my childhood memories. I might have pizza for dinner tonight :slightly_smiling_face:


Only 10 left, 4 in NSW and QLD and 1 in VIC/TAS. Very sad sight.


Similarly, I should make a trip down to Lake Haven…. It’s only 40 minutes away, so not really far.

Around 2018 Pizza Hut pushed out a lot of PR that they were going to start rolling out new AYCE locales… they claimed 100 new locations in 12 months! The end result is they opened one new location and that was it.


i live in ballarat. and still go there from time to time

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Even pre COVID, that kind of rollout is laughable

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You have until Tuesday then it’s closed for good unless you want a trek to Windsor or Minto.

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KFC All You Can Eat was quite good.

They were so lax with supervising the serving area, friends of ours were at Hungry Jack’s next door (Jack Cowin was the franchisee for both brands in WA and often built them side by side) and would sneak into KFC and grab a plate and start loading up.

They had All You Can Eat at Mirrabooka and Bunbury Forum in WA. There was more outlets, but can’t remember where they were.

Honestly, my advice would be to keep your childhood memories intact and not go to Pizza Hut for nostalgic purposes. I went to the dine-in Pizza Hut in Orange. It was a few years ago now, but it was absolutely disgusting. Greasy surfaces, filthy carpets, ordinary food - the experience certainly hasn’t aged well.

Even if it was clean, I don’t think the whole notion of a chain all-you-can-eat restaurant is particularly appealing anymore. I went to the Sizzler (RIP) in Toowoomba a few years back, and it strikes me that it really was gluttony for the sake of gluttony. The food wasn’t even good, but it was there, so you ate it.

In comparison to the 80s/90s (when I’m assuming most of us grew up), I think we have so many more good dining options now. Think about what was around when Pizza Hut and Sizzler were in their boom days - a sloppy pub dinner, mystery bags from the Chinese restaurant, your body weight in fish and chips? We’ve come a long way, baby. “Affordable” is another conversation, but Pizza Hut and Sizzler weren’t particularly cheap when I went. To my mind, let your nostalgia be nostalgia and take your palate somewhere else.


Yep, I know the KFC and Hungry Jacks in both Spearwood and South Lake are right next to each other.

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I know the last one in SA recently closed. Bendigo and Shepparton didn’t make it through covid.

The regional Pizza Huts restaurants that still remain are partly due to Millennials and Gen X stopping in during their holiday trips through these areas.

Unfortunately, the Pizza Hut Din-in model just doesn’t work in 2022. It would need to be greatly modified to accommodate todays standards and food expectations. Let’s just say the old fashion jelly slices from the desert bar are thing pre 90s. :+1:

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Takeaway giant Menulog has axed jobs at its Sydney head office as global cost-cutting in the food delivery sector, a market darling during the era of COVID-19 lockdowns, gathers pace.

A Menulog spokeswoman would not disclose how many jobs were eliminated, but said a “small number of roles” were made redundant as part of a global restructure of Just Eat Takeaway’s customer operations team.

…Voly, a local start-up that did rapid grocery deliveries, formally calling in administrators on November 21.

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Did some-body say re-dund-ancy?


Yes, are MediaSpy offering any?! :grin:

I took one from my job earlier this year,

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Katy Perry not doing it for Menulogs?


This wouldn’t have happened if they’d kept Snoop Dogg :sob: