Fast Food and Takeaways


They do. On the rare occassion I get Maccas I get bottled water instead.


Taco Bell have the PepsiCo/Schweppes range…

Self-serve postmix… I actually prefer it when dining in… order a medium… have one while waiting for the meal… have another after…


Anything not reachable by a Lime Scooter is not worth scooting to.


I made this petition a while ago. Does anyone agree with me?


Abso-fucking-lutely not.

Also you have provided no reason why it should go. What’s the point?



If they’re popular for McDonald’s customers then why shouldn’t they keep it?


I agree with the others, you haven’t said why. The only reason one can read out of your petition is that because it is popular McDonald’s should withdraw it, which doesn’t make any sense.


There are a few post mix Pepsi machines around. Murray St Mall has one. It tastes better than the bottles


How silly do you think people are seriously? Why the f should take down a popular product. You must lead a sad life




I read that petition and I still don’t understand it, even when fixing the spelling.




I want it removed because I’m sick of it HAHAHAHAHAHA


I had McDonald’s 24 nuggets for $10 at 3am this morning :drooling_face:


Really? They aren’t supposed to be available at that price between midnight and 5am.


I know but they still gave it to me for that price. Even at 12:30am they have still given me that price


There are a couple of petitions for McDonald’s to introduce the Japan only 48 nuggets bucket, that was available for a limited time in 2015, into the USA.


What is the reason you want them removed? Because they’re popular?


Hmmm, interesting.


I think because they were advertised as for a limited time but now appear to be there permanently or have no details as to when the limited time expires.


Sounds like Maccas is giving the finger to this petition. Clearly they’re not scared by it.