Eurovision Song Contest

After the farcical result of 2022 it’s clear that we’re not wanted any more. Waste of SBS’ money.

Pretty much all the ballads flopped this year in the televote not just us. Clearly people were not in a ballad mood this year and Sheldon’s song was never going to score a huge televote anyway.

I can see both sides to this. I don’t think we should pull out but it’s hard to argue with the televote results and there’s no point in trying to spin it. Last year in particular was a joke. I personally hated the song with a passion but the public votes we received were an absolute joke and proved we’re not popular. It was quite embarrassing. Anyway I also agree we need to ditch the ballads and Montaigne and go for pop. Doubt we will ever reach the heights of Dami again though.


Adding in voting from the “rest of the world”, will be interesting if they give any idea where the votes are from and how significant the number is. The rest of world block will also need a professional jury.

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The rest of the world votes will be combined into 1 set of extra votes. So essentially they are acting as an extra country. There will be no jury for the rest of the world voting. Televote will account for 50.6% of the votes in the final.

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