Eurovision Song Contest

Australia shouldn’t be in the competition, us in the comp almost has a sense of colonialism to it, “nice competition you have there, mind if we take a piece”

We’ve sent average songs the last few years and that coupled with the fact our novelty has worn off, we won’t do well again, or win, and there was a consistent trend line on that, even before this year.

Dami Im’s song was the perfect combination of a killer song and the fact we were still shiny and new.
We can only produce one of those two items now.

I quite liked the 2021 final because it didn’t involve Myf and Joel on the Koolaid about how well Australia was going to do. It felt like a traditional final without the ring-in.
The televoting numbers for Australia tell the story, our novelty has worn off and we’ve overstayed our welcome. Our song this year was vocally stronger compared to a lot of this year’s other songs, but still virtually no love from the public.

Once our time is up in it, it’s time to make a polite exit, and the competition can try and focus on bringing some countries back in that haven’t competed for a while, eg Luxembourg, Slovakia.


if who rejects the offer?

And I don’t think it’s too outrageous to consider that there are countries that are happy to take part but not want the responsibility or cost of hosting.

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UK. They get the first offer to host because they came second but so far have not jumped at the chance.

There is no rule that the runner up automatically gets offered to host.

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I read that’s apparently not true that they get first offer. But either way I still think the UK will wind up hosting. They’re just not jumping the gun like the others. Apparently the Stockholm mayor was on the phone to Ukraine offering to host even before the credits finished rolling. Pretty crass IMO.

Watching Eurovision now.

Love some of the lyrics and costumes they come up with:

“ And before that wolf eats my grandma, give that wolf a banana”


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If you had asked me a couple of years ago I would have said no way, but now I think you’re right, it’s time to bow out. I’m starting to feel cringy about us being there.

You’re right it was refreshing that Joel and Myf weren’t talking up our chances.


There’s a surprise… :slight_smile:



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idk about that one, i thought it was trying too hard to be a eurovision song. I thought the most classic eurovision style was Serbia’s hand washing song.

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That’s a shame, I would have liked to see them push through even with the risk. If they needed to switch to a hastily organized backup plan at the last minute, people would have forgiven it.

The “risk”?! The country is being attacked and the situation changes rapidly by the hour! Given how Kyiv has been bombed and attacked (plus even cities in Western Ukraine), until the conflict is over, it’s way too dangerous for Eurovision to be held in Ukraine.


Yes, I think it would be a strong showing of solidarity, the exact type of thing Eurovision was made for. I might even fly over to try and attend if visas are allowed.

As I said, if things get really bad, have a backup plan. But they should try to make it work.

Back up plans are very expensive. That’s the reality.

It is a shame but whoever hosts I hope will keep a sense of Ukraine spirit and “flavour”

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Agree. I think if the BBC gets it they will definitely try to incorporate something of Ukraine. There are a lot of options, depending on what the situation is in Ukraine at the time. That would be less expensive than having the UK on “standby” as a back up.

BTW I think the UK is a shoe-in to host. The BBC will be very keen to capitalise on a renewed interest in Eurovision following the UK’s near-win.


The ABC confirmed their non-participation for the Junior Eurovision 2022, which will be held in Yerevan, Armenia on 12 December. The SBS can still participate if invited by the EBU.


UPDATE 24/6: the EBU has issued a statement explaining why it rejected plans to host the 2023 event in Ukraine.