Eurovision Song Contest

SBS inserted a super long ad break during the live voting, in the end they were about 2 minutes behind the live broadcast. I had to switch to Youtube to not have the winner spoiled for me.

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I wonder how that works for voting. That means Australians are voting 2 mins after the rest of the entrants. Crazy.

what? It’s only the spokesperson’s part that’s delayed. The votes are already locked in beforehand.

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Well 2 posts up it says the delay is during live voting

It was during the results, so after voting lines had closed. They obviously waited until then to insert an extra ad break.

I’m surprised you even noticed this enough to have to switch given it was right towards the very end. I watched it live and had no idea.

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It was very noticeable if you were on social media considering people were talking about which countries [insert country] gave votes to a few countries ahead of where SBS were at

It sounds like he’s on social media at the same time as watching on TV so noticed it there.

That’s why I was confused. The original comment made it sound like each commercial break had it happen, so I was scratching my head how that would be allowed.

I only noticed it because I had the Youtube stream running at the same to watch the green room/interview parts that SBS usually cuts out, preferring to show ads during those bits.


Not surprising as the Pandemic continues to cause havoc. I hope the idea is revisited soon as it sounds perfect.

Eurovision organisers have released Live on Tape performances for other nations which competed in this year’s contest, however UK and Irish performances are not included.

…Ahmad Halloun has since clarified on social media that the broadcaster had received permission in April to have Tonya Graves on the jury. Therefore, the jury scores stand.

Not only did he confirm that the EBU did indeed grant permission for Graves, a US citizen, to be on the jury, he also defended her credentials as a juror for the Czech Republic, where she has been working for a number of years.

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The drug test didn’t seen to hit the headlines as much as the allegations.

Since the singer tested negative for drugs, he and the band can now return to obscurity. :stuck_out_tongue:


Funnily enough this is one winner thats charting pretty much all over Europe, even in the UK they made the top 20, the first Italian language song to chart there in 30 years. 2 of their songs are also in the top 3 of the Australian Spotify viral chart.

I just found all Grand Final performance rehearsals and the jury voting on a website; this took place before the actual Grand Final a day later

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SBS announces the return of Eurovision – Australia Decides

Who will represent Australia at Eurovision in 2022?

Song portal now open for submissions

SBS and production partner Blink TV have announced Eurovision – Australia Decides will return to the Gold Coast in February 2022, giving Australians another chance to choose who will represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Italy.

In association with the Queensland Government via Tourism and Events Queensland, Major Events Gold Coast, and Screen Queensland, Eurovision – Australia Decides will be presented at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 February.

Hosted by comedian Joel Creasey and music buff Myf Warhurst , Eurovision – Australia Decides will showcase the best of Australian music and talent. Australians are encouraged to vote for their favourite artist and song to represent the nation on the world’s biggest stage. The winner will be revealed during the Live TV Final which will be broadcast exclusively on SBS on Saturday 26 February.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald said:

“Australia is home to so many talented artists and songwriters, and SBS is proud to provide this international platform for our nation’s incredibly diverse music community. Eurovision – Australia Decides is a unique opportunity for established and undiscovered songwriters to show us what they’ve got and for a suite of Australian artists to bring these songs to life on stage in February. It’s over to you Australia – let’s give Europe our best!”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said:

“Hosting Eurovision – Australia Decides on the Gold Coast is a wonderful opportunity to show Australia and the world our world-class event hosting capabilities in one of our most spectacular tourism destinations. We’ve previously seen avid Eurovision fans flock to the Gold Coast for this event and we look forward to welcoming them again in February 2022.”

Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate said:

“If there is one event that shouts ‘Gold Coast’ it is Eurovision – Australia Decides . Like Eurovision, we are bold, unapologetic and famous for fun. I am delighted that Eurovision – Australia Decides is back and look forward to the best musical talent taking to the stage at our exhibition centre. My message is: go big!”

Creative Director of Eurovision – Australia Decides, Paul Clarke said:

“We’ve had a year on the bench due to COVID, now we’re going to produce an event that blows people’s minds and touches their hearts. We want to get the passion going for Eurovision and our incredible musicians. So huge props to SBS, the Queensland Government and Major Events Gold Coast for backing #AusDecides again. We’ve got some very exciting artists to announce shortly, but first we need songs! It’s an opportunity for all our songwriters to showcase their best and boldest – please send your songs to the SBS song portal. Before you know it, you could be in the next announcement, when we reveal some very exciting artists and songwriters!”

Screen Queensland CEO, Kylie Munnich said:

“Eurovisionis one of the biggest television events in the world and to be part of this live, nation-wide production under the prestigious Eurovisionbanner is an immense career-building opportunity for Queensland screen practitioners. Eurovision is a celebration of international unity, raising the volume of diverse voices – a true exhibition of the power of screen to create a positive global impact and a much-needed sense of global community.”

From pop to hip hop, opera to electro and everything in between, SBS is calling on a range of songs and songwriters to submit an original composition as part of the national selection process via . The song portal, supported by APRA AMCOS , which represents over 100,000 Australasian songwriters, composers and music publishers, is now open for submissions until 26 September 2021 . There are no restrictions on the number of songs composers and songwriters, both published and unpublished can submit.

Songs will be shortlisted and announced later this year, along with the ten Australian artists set to compete for their shot to represent Australia on the world’s biggest stage. Then it’s up to the Australian public and a Jury to decide who will take the stage at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest to compete for Eurovision glory.


Great. I had a lot of fun going in 2020 so think I’ll head up again next year. Something to look forward too. :slight_smile:

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