Eurovision Song Contest

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Finland has announced their entrant for this years contest will be EDM artist Darude.

He is best known for the 1999 worldwide hit Sandstorm - which has featured on numerous TV shows, internet memes, and has also became an EDM anthem.







Public voting opened at 1.30am AEDT today.



I don’t think outsourcing like that is entirely unusual in Eurovision circles. From what I gather it happens within Europe as well where the Swedes (for instance) are often called in to provide some expertise particularly where a host country might lack the experience in hosting such an event.

Given this event is a first for Australia it’s probably not unusual to outsource to foreign talent more adept at this sort of thing.


How did TV Week tweet this before it was announced on air? :thinking:



i think they would have done all 10 of them in readness for who ever won ready to go and it so happned that kate won


But the tweet out before she had. Suspect media was given an embargoed result just in advance and perhaps sent it out a fraction early?


i would say so yes


she won the Judges Vote (which was yesterday).

And today, the public vote ensured she won?

So they didn’t know who would actually win until tonight?


For the first ever national selection trial it was a great success. Both Joel and Myf (with a suspected sore throat) did a great job. The production standard was pretty high.
Kate Miller-Heidke won both the jury vote and the public vote. For her performance in the main event in Israel I think she may have to tweak her performance though.
It was great to see Dami Im back on stage tonight. Her rendition of Sound of Silence on piano was stunning!
Tonight’s even trended at or close to No.1 worldwide on Twitter, as it is live on European TV or streamed on the net.


The only thing i can think of is that media was given a heads up minutes before the result going to air and TV Week just a fraction too eager to tweet it


Thought it was an excellent and well-made production, especially for a first time effort, kudos to SBS and Blink TV.

Kate Miller-Heidke was a great choice to represent Australia in Tel Aviv. Decent song and (more importantly?) fantastic on-stage theatrics.


I had ranked Electric Fields and Courtney Act a bit higher than Kate Miller Heidke but I do think her act was very Eurovision.


I assume there may have been a delay of a few minutes rather than being fully live. That would explain the tweet from TV Week.


Yes there seemed to be a slight delay of 2 or 3 minutes - i was there :). It was an amazing show live, i hope TV did it justice because it sounded amazing live!


it did do it justice:) and i am so glad kate won:)