I’ve always dreamed of running a fictitious television network, but I was limited to where I could showcase my logos and programme lineup, but now with sites like Media Spy having this area where we can post our channel/network logos I can make it a reality.

This is the network logo.

More on the channels and content will be posted soon.


After lengthy negotiations DSTV has secured the rights to air poker programming on a dedicated channel, which begins February 1.

Here is the day one lineup.


Congratulations, @Damo. For creating DSTV as your dream television network!


little too similar to…


I used Looka to create it which generates logos using AI.

I guess in this case the AI wasn’t too smart. :joy:


Matt Richards is an award winning journalist and he joins DSTV News as the new host of Eyewitness, replacing the late Mike Bennett.

This week he’ll be talking with former Auckland Mayor Phil Goff and they will discuss Labour’s chances in the 2023 General Election, the Auckland floods and whether Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown is the right man for the job.

And next week he will be talking with Kiri Te Kanawa in a DSTV News exclusive. They will talk in depth about her illustrious career and what she’s been up to since retiring in 2017.

Precisely, tell us more about Matt Richards.

And what will the DSTV News line-up be?

DSTV News - 2/2/2023

6:00am Breakfast
Simlucast of TVNZ 1’s morning programme
9:00am The Listening Post
This week: Richard Long looks at revelations made by former members of the cult known as the Children of God and we find out if they have reached our shores. We also look at online gambling and ask is it time it was regulated.
10:00am DSTV News
10:30am World Sport
The latest sports news and results from New Zealand and around the world.
11:00am Eleven AM
Lifestyle show hosted by Brendon Poniga and Suzy Cato.
12:00pm DSTV News
12:30pm The Ralston Group
Bill Ralston is joined by Matthew Hooten, Barry Soper, Ian Fraser and Damien O’Connor.
1:00pm Newshour with Neil Waka.
2:00pm The Travel Show
This week: Suzy Cato visits Italy and tries her hand at making a pizza.
2:30pm Asia Business Report
(CNBC) Live from Singapore with Martin Soong.
3:00pm DSTV Sports News with Ric Salizzo.
3:30pm Foreign Correspondent with Liam Jeory.
4:00pm Recap
This week we look at the 1984 General Election and ask politicians - both past and present - how did Muldoon get it wrong.
5:00pm BBC Newshour
Live simulcast from BBC World News
6:00pm News At Six with Carol Hirschfeld.
6:30pm Regional News
(Auckland: Top Half, Wellington: Wellington Today, Christchurch: The Mainland Touch, Dunedin: The South Tonight).
7:00pm Campbell with John Campbell.
7:30pm Sports Talk with Mark Leishman.
8:00pm This Week on DSTV
We preview the upcoming programmes on the DSTV Network.
9:00pm Witness
Matt Richards speaks with Phil Goff on Labour’s chances at the election and whether Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown is up to the job.
9:30pm AI: Should We Fear It?
BBC Documentary
10:00pm News At Ten
10:30pm Kaleidoscope Revisited
Decade of the Enz (TVNZ, 1983)
12:00am BBC World News Overnight (until 6:00am)

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DSTV One logo.

I tried using it on a banner and stars like TV One back in '80/'81 but it didn’t work out the way I expected.

Schedule coming soon.


Love the mock continuity announcements!

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DSTV One - 8/2/2023

Due to on-going technical issues One will begin broadcasting from midday until further notice. Management apologizes for the inconvenience and hopes to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

12:00pm The Beverly Hillbillies (G, Repeat)
Note: I actually have the first episode uploaded to my YouTube channel as it, and 54 other select episodes, are public domain.
12:30pm Crown Court (G, Repeat)
1:00pm The Young & The Restless (PG)
2:00pm Crossroads (G)
2:30pm Romper Room (G)
3:00pm The All-New Basil Brush Show (G)
3:30pm Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels (G, Repeat)
4:00pm The Tomorrow People (PG, Repeat)
4:30pm (New) Spot On (G)
The return of a Kiwi favourite with former presenters Danny Watson and Sir Ian Taylor.
5:00pm The New Beachcombers (G)
5:30pm The Young Doctors (PG)
The return of an Aussie classic.
6:00pm Neighbours (PG)
6:30pm News (PG)
Some content might be of a disturbing nature. Viewer discretion is advised.
7:00pm It’s In The Bag (G)
This weeks show comes to you from Invercargill.
7:30pm Fawlty Towers (G, Repeat)
This weeks episode: The Germans.
8:00pm Fair Go (G)
8:30pm Movie: Tommy - A Rock Opera by The Who (1975, M)
10:45pm Late News (G)
11:00pm TBA
12:00am News Overnight from BBC World News
Until 6:00am.

DSTV 2 - 17/2/2023

6:00am Creflo A. Dollar
6:30am The All-New Roadrunner Show
7:00am Bluey (3 episodes)
7:30am Sesame Street (in Te Reo)
8:30am Top Cat
9:00am Les Mills Exercise
9:30am Infomercials
10:30am Home & Away
11:00am Will and Grace
11:30am Newshour (feat. sports and weather)
12:30pm The Bold & The Beautiful
1:30pm Location, Location, Location UK
2:30pm The Drew Barrymore Show
3:30pm The Gaming Hour
4:30pm Doctor Who
5:00pm The Sullivans
6:00pm News
Retro Evening Lineup
7:00pm All In The Family
7:30pm Benny Hill
8:30pm Battlestar Galactica
9:30pm The Equalizer
10:00pm Police Woman
11:00pm S.W.A.T.
12:00am Juice TV (until 6am)

What’s this about?

Official network synopsis

“The Gaming Hour is a 60 minute weekly programme looking at upcoming games, the latest industry news, review classic games and bring viewers the latest news from the world of emulation. Our hosts will also try their hand at a game they have never played before to see how they rank against each other and at the end of the season they will see which one takes away the TGH Championship Belt.”

…at 3:30 in the afternoon? On a channel that doesn’t really fit the kind of audience that this show appeals to?

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Gotta try something new now and then and if it doesn’t work out I’ll shift it to another channel.


@Damo My own dream television network has 12 linear channels (six general entertainment channels, two lifestyle channels, a kids channel, two 24-hour music channels and a 24-hour news channel) and three occasional or pop-up channels (for extended coverage of sport and special events, as well as ‘extra’ programmes that can’t be fitted on any one of the 12 channels).

All 12 channels would be available free-to-air nationwide on the Freeview platform (UHF and satellite) and streamed live via the Freeview Streaming TV app. The pop-up channels, however, would only be available via UHF and the Freeview Streaming TV app (just like CH200/Juice TV, in real life).

What will your channels be?

I don’t really sit down and think about it too much to be honest. But maybe I should start doing so.

I just create the channel, use a suitable typeface for the logo and there you are. 5-10 minutes is all it takes and I’m done.

Of course with the YT content the public domain stuff is all I can use since I’d be in breach of copyright if I used anything else and I don’t add commercials for the same reason

I do take care with the lineup though because that’s what can make a channel or break a channel in regards to other outlets like PTV and NTV which I consider “the competition” even though we’re all probably in a different universe/timeline anyway.


2 Number
2 Word

So I didn’t upload these logos for DSTV 2 before I used them on two of my You Tube clips so here they are now.

And while I like both logos I’m leaning to the numerical version for on-air presentation.

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