DSTV News Changes

From March 1, the following changes are coming into effect.

BBC News Overnight will be replaced by Al Jazeera. This only affects DSTV News and it’s broadcast on DSTV One will not be affected.

We will also be airing a local version of the ABC current affairs programme Four Corners and that begins screening on Monday nights at 8:30pm. As a result This Week on DSTV will be shortened to 30 minutes.

DSTV News will air the controversial documentary, India: The Modi Question, which has been withdrawn from broadcast in certain countries due to pressure from Indian authorities.

Backlash is expected but management has said it will not bow to pressure from any Government to prevent screening of any programme it wants to put to air.

The regional news service from Dunedin will be shifted to Invercargill, due to major upgrades to the buildings, which house the Dunedin studios.

The completion date is not known at this time.

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Flashback will be your home of classic television and movies covering drama, action, comedy, sci-fi, horror and classic sports events.

Schedule coming later today (or tomorrow).

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Flashback - 26/2/2023

6:00 The Gentle Touch
7:00 Police Woman
8:00 T.J. Hooker
9:00 The Brady Bunch Hour
10:00 Eight Is Enough
11:00 The Monkees
11:30 Barbary Coast
12:30 Star Trek
1:30 Yes, Prime Minister
2:00 The Good Life
2:30 Press Gang (Double episode)
3:30 The Ghosts of Motley Hall
4:00 Grange Hill
4:30 The Goodies
5:00 Don’t Ask Me
5:30 Movie: Pufnstuf (1969)
7:30 Rutland Weekend Television
8:00 The Kenny Everett Video Show
8:30 The Two Ronnies Down Under
9:30 French and Saunders (Double episode)
10:30 The Sunday Horrors: Salem’s Lot (1979, commercial free)
1:35 Flashback Music Overnight (until 6am)


After negotiations with World Wrestling Entertainment DSTV is pleased to announce that it will be screening WWE WrestleMania on April 1 & 2 on DSTV 2.

We will also be airing the pre-show prior to the event on April 1 and the press conference after the show on April 2.


DSTV News Update

The upgrades to the Dunedin buildings, which house the regional news service, are now complete and regular broadcasts will resume next Monday with a fresh set design and graphics package.

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Hey @Damo - I have two questions to ask in regard to the Otago/Southland regional news service from Dunedin, although it is fictional. Will the set design and graphics be identical to the other regional news services? And what will the Dunedin team be (including journalists and crew based in Queenstown and Invercargill)?

[quote=“PaddyTePou, post:26, topic:21578, full:true”]

The set design and graphics will be identical to that of other regions.

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