Driving & Traffic


Not once, in near 10 years of driving.


Never. Only a couple times at a checkpoint too, however WA Police are far, far too predictable with where they place them so they’re extremely easy to avoid.


The cars I drive are not exactly cop magnets (2x Mitsubishi Magnas, Daihatsu Applause, Toyota Avalon, Suzuki Jimny) and I like to think that I drive pretty sedately in urban areas (which is where I keep getting pulled over), so I guess I must just be unlucky.

The number of RBT checkpoints I’ve been stopped at is very high - probably well over 10 times.


I was only checked for alcohol at a checkpoint on two occasions, over the past five years I have been driving.


I have been breathalysed driving into my church on a Sunday morning before, lowest of the low times tbh. Not on


Driving into a church will no doubt lead to being breathalysed?

But why is “lowest of the low”? Were you over the limit?


Plenty of people over the limit the next morning whilst feeling fine to drive. I used to start work at 4:30 am, would often get pulled over on my way in.


If caught over the limit then your in the right place to confess your sin.:joy:


Regularly at a checkpoint they set up on Saturday mornings on a main road near my home (once featured on RBT). Only once in 30 years have I been randomly pulled over. It was late at night in a back street near my mother’s home. I suspect they pulled me over because I didn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign. They breath tested me but let me go when I returned a negative reading. Was surprised they didn’t give me a ticket for not completely stopping.


Working night shift, leaving the TV station in the early hours, I reckon I was breathalised 8 times in 6 months. On a quite night you’re often the only car around and the police have to do something. One night the policeman recognised me from a few weeks earlier, said “you again”, and didn’t bother to give me the test.


I was stopped at an RBT setup a couple of weeks ago, on my way to church on a Sunday night. It didn’t bother me, just meant I was a minute later than I planned to get my coffee at McDonald’s on the way.


In my 28 years of driving, I’ve only been breathylsed twice.

Both of these were at checkpoints.

Like @Sully one of these was at 7am on a Sunday.


Wow, I get breathalyzed 2-3 times per month. Working between two country towns it is usually on the way to work. I’m sure I read somewhere that 40% of DUIs are morning after readings when they think they are OK. My record is three in the one day.

Most are at checkpoints and again in country areas they are usually in the same spots most of the time. But I was pulled over on an open road by a cop doing a U turn even though he had three cars behind him, I was the only one coming the other way. I thought I must have been speeding even though I was using cruise control, but it was for a RBT.


I had four in one night in Melbourne. One leaving Moonee Valley races car park, then on Royal Parade outside Princes Park, another on Alexandra Avenue South Yarra near Melbourne High and finally North Rd Gardenvale, two were booze buses, others were a couple of cars on the side of the road. About a 30km stretch.


Just to clarify, HP unit outside a Church entrance on a Sunday morning, done more than once. Something tasteless there IMO.


When you’ve got known wine suppliers inside, it makes sense.


Not even funny.


Clearly they’ve found it to be a good spot in the past. Is your church on a major road or down a back street?


It doesn’t sound unreasonable to be breath testing people on the morning following a Saturday night, even at a church entrance. People will no doubt think they’re OK to drive despite being over 0.05 from their alco binge from the night before. What does it matter if people are going to church? If they go over, they are still illegally operating a car under the influence of alcohol (which I believe goes against the 11th commandment)…


No more tasteless than doing it outside Maccas.

Maybe instead of being offended you could thank the officers for going to work on a Sunday morning to keep your church community safe while you relax inside.