Driving & Traffic


Or he could say a prayer for them at mass before leaving to be breathalised.


No there isnt - as long as they are able to setup in a safe manner, nowhere should be off-limits for RBT

The thing that amazed me talking to the police who arrange RBTs is the broad range of people they get.


Come on. We all know that if you go to church then you automatically have a moral superiority over everyone else and should be exempt from things like routine police checks.


Church vs McDonald’s :thinking:

You’re talking about the TV show yeah?


Either way as long as the RBTs are not disrupting their proceedings then what’s the problem? Law enforcement is not “tasteless”. And if drivers are behaving themselves, as they should be, then there is nothing to worry about.


Not much difference, really. They’re both very profitable global corporations feeding processed crap to people. :wink:


I agree. Although we had a recent “crackdown on crime” where I live due to a spate of burglaries and home invasions. The increase in road police/highway patrols was astounding and quite inconvenient. I never drink or do drugs and drive but to be pulled over 8 times in a weekend is a joke. There’s a line where too much can be inconvenient for most law abiding citizens.


TV Show?


I’m happy to have a private evangelism convo with you.


I’m all ears. I work with two Evangelists, a Mormon and my best mate is a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. The conversations do get interesting!


True, but religions get an unfair advantage by being subsidised by taxpayers (tax exempt); another anachronistic tax rort that needs to go away.


I still notice too many drivers using mobile phones while driving,usually P Platers. Going back to the problem of having to give way to buses,the other day while driving home from work 2 buses were pulling out from a stop in front of me ,one of them was an extra long bus…Of course I stopped to let the 2 buses out and a taxi behind me changed lanes ,he didn’t want to stop.This is a very busy intersection so there will be usually 1 bus at this stop,sometimes 2 or 3


I only ever get tested after the local Cup day. No matter how hard I try to find them. Have only ever been pulled up for a non-RBT test once in over 15 years of driving and that was more because the cop wanted to have a chat and say g’day because he was lonely on the beat that night. Did have cops following me for ages when I was a second year P Plater and had just got a new car, hadn’t driven a manual since the test and the cop was determined to pin me for something. She gave the biggest scowl when she turned around in our cul-de-sac when I’d pulled in at home.

Remember that money also goes to doing a lot of things in the communities and for helping those less fortunate and running services which councils and governments and private entities won’t supply. I’d much rather see the big corporations who spend way more than they’d get from the churches in finding ways to avoid meeting their tax obligations. Imagine the millions you could get from some companies, much better than the few thousand you’d get from some churches which then takes away community programs. Just remember the church isn’t what you always see on TV. We’re not all Catholics or Anglicans, we don’t all have wine (ugh!) at Communion and we sure as heck don’t have all the gold and millions of dollars that people like to think we have!


I see it all the time. Hands free units are so cheap on Amazon and eBay there’s really no excuse for not having one.


I think TV-ACT was talking about religion as a whole, not individual churches that offer a level of service to the community. My local McDonald’s also does charitable things and gives young people a springboard into employment. But they’re owned by an empire that makes billions of dollars, has rendered many family owned food businesses obsolete and contributes to obesity.


Not to mention late model cars with Bluetooth as standard. Are they lazy, stupid, arrogant or Al three.


It should be an automatic loss of licence for any driver caught using a phone in a moving vehicle plus a hefty fine. I’ve had too many near misses caused by idiots preoccupied with their phone while driving.


My car doesn’t have Bluetooth as standard ,too old😕


Someone I know got booked by the police who were using a telephoto lens in the Sydney CBD.

Almost all of my friends and acquaintances use their mobiles while driving. They simply don’t care and brush it off saying “I know how to drive while using a phone”.

Real dumb shit, thinking they’re better than anyone else on the road (in reality, they suck at driving while trying to multitask, but they don’t seem to notice).

They curse everyone else who they see using a phone while driving and making stupid mistakes on the road.

It might even be more prevalent than drink driving in the bad old days before RBTs.

I say that more of these sting operations should be rolled out across the country. I think that the news of this person getting booked has already had an effect in my social group - these people are going out, buying phone holders.

The problem now is that while these people are using their phones in holders, they are still text messaging and using Snapchat to send shitty selfies of them nodding along to a ‘mad song’ playing over their stereo.

I don’t know how the police can crack down on that kind of thing with telephoto lenses, because it’s very difficult to see what people are doing unless you’re directly next to them and can identify them using a messaging app.


What I hate is the people who post to Facebook when they catch the Police using their phones and get all high and mighty about it. Simple fact is, Police and emergency services (?) are all allowed to do it but regular drivers can’t. They’ve done the advanced driving courses and it’s also their secure method of communication in many places with radio not being one-to-one communication and with many scanners out there it’s insecure.