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A Sydney company has made a high resolution camera that takes photos of drivers using mobile phones. The NSW RMS wasn’t interested, but the Roads minister when told about the camera said she would have a look at it.


I’m amazed at the number of people I still see using hand-held mobiles when driving.


An exclusive in the Herald Sun this morning had the full story, the engineer travelled to Melbourne, operating a trial for VicRoads above the Eastern Fwy.

Over 1000 drivers were caught over a short period.


Saw a story on ‘traffic chaos’ with two separate incidents on Melbourne’s Metropolitan Ring Road the past 24hrs.

I noticed Acting Snr Sgt Dean Pickering (Acting Commander Fawkner Highway Patrol) and keep forgetting he’s a cop, as well as 3AW radio’s long-time fill-in traffic reporter (via ATN) and was also on the first number of seasons of Seven’s Highway Patrol.

Busy guy and he’s always on TV news.20171212_183253


The Victorian Government is pressing ahead with the West Gate Tunnel project, even though total cost blows out to $6.7 billion.


Dean was formerly PD at Mix 101.1 before joining VicPol (and ATN) - https://www.radioinfo.com.au/people/movements/former-mix-1011-pro


I think this might be the most appropriate thread to put this in.

The Opel and Daewoo based models of Holden are renowned for being lemons and have an extremely poor reputation. Now that their lineup is made up almost exclusively (bar the Colorado) of these lemons, their sales are going to drop massively. Not only that, they are likely going to have to drop the Astra and Commodore far sooner than they expected due to GM’s sale of Opel (which Holden probably had no idea about until it was too late to stop developing the new Opel Commodore).

This is absolutely what they should have done in the first place. I’ve been saying this ever since Holden pulled out of Australian manufacturing. I don’t think people would have been as miffed about the end of Australian production if the new Commodore was based off of an American GM car, because the USA is much more similar to Australia than Europe, in terms of geography and car culture (low petrol taxes, sprawling suburbs with little public transport).


In Canberra a lot of the school speed zone signs are still visible rather than being folded away. I was unsure yesterday morning if school was on or not as there were a stack of cars in the local school carpark, but realised it must have been holidays when I saw all the children in Westfield. I don’t know who changes the school zone signs, whether it is ACT Gov or the school.


They get folded away in other states?
Until the variable speed limit styles ones were introduced here in WA they were permanent fixtures, with “SCHOOL DAYS” noted on the sign (and often flags put out by crossing wardens to advise drivers that the crossing is in use.


They get folded away in the ACT, but are permanent in NSW where many school zones have flashing lights to indicate it is a school day.


The folded away part surprised me too. The flags at the crossings are put out by the schools but I haven’t heard of the folding signs. Our permanent ones just had “SCHOOL ZONE” and the “40” and then times e.g. “8:00 - 9:30 am and 2:00 - 3:30pm on School Days”.

These were all replaced over the last 5 years or so with simple solar powered or mains powered LED 40 SCHOOL ZONE signs which only activate during the times and on the school days. I believe these are controlled by the education department too and have different times according to the school. e.g, the one in my street starts on the dot of 8am for the primary school but another one on the way to work also at a primary school doesn’t activate until 8:20am.


Same in Queensland. Permanent but only illuminated on school days


I saw this stretch of road at the end of a Nissan ad during the Big Bash Cricket on TEN.

Does anyone recognise the scenery? I’m thinking it’s somewhere south of Adelaide?

Am I right?


It looks like south of Frankston.


Ah yes, I just had a look on Street View, and yes I think you’re right!

Looks like it’s the Nepean Hwy at Frankston South in @LukeMovieMan territory.

Looks like a nice drive too.


Oliver’s Hill!

Drove up it this arvo :heart_eyes:

Gateway (via the Nepean Hwy) to Frankston (from the Peninsula), correct.


Look familiar?


What’s with this latest media beat up, of course swallowed up by Poorlean and associated nutjobs, about removing gender ID from drivers licences in QLD?

I just checked my Victorian drivers licence, issued in 2012… no gender shown

And the one before then, issued in 2002… no gender shown.

What the f*** is wrong with people that because QLD is 20 years behind the rest of society this has to be an outrage?

Also, this happened quietly in QLD back in 2016. The media has taken 2 years to pick up on this?

I know, I’m outraged at the outrage. Just gets tiring. I need a drink


The only reason that gender/weight/height/eye colour stayed on Queensland Drivers Licenses for so long was that photos were still optional on them until… 5 to 10 years ago? They were the last state to switch from the old school laminated style driver’s license.

Worst media beat up over a non issue in a long time.