Driving & Traffic


Apologies if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you haven’t read the article; the quota was saying at least 95.5% of roadside breath tests must be below the legal 0.05% blood alcohol concentration limit.
Such a bizarre quota discouraged police from catching drunk drivers (and if anythign encouraged pointless tests of people at times & places unlikely to catch drunk drivers), making us less-safe.


I was in Sydney in early December, and got on the M2 at about 12:30am at Lane Cove on a Sunday morning heading west. I noticed that at every exit the police had setup road blocks to random breath test everyone. I got off at Old Windsor Rd just after it turns into the M7 and got tested there. I reckon that the road blocks probably continued the entire length of the M7 and probably onto the M5 all the way to the second Campbelltown exit. The NSW Police certainly we’re not slacking off that night/early morning.


When your stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident and the traffic report comes on the radio - “we’re clear of any accidents or incidents this afternoon.”. :angry:


worst i saw was here in Brisbane when Barack Obama was in town and spoke at UQ they closed one major road from the west to the city (for his motorcade) which casued traffic chaos as there was only one other direct road.

the cops decided to set up an RBT on this road. it was just insane. I had to take my child to the ED at the children’s hospital near the city and i had to deal with the traffic chaos (she’d split her chin open, but not enough for an ambulance)

we pull up for the RBT, my wife in the back holding a bloody rag to my daughters chin and the cop still insisted on testing me!


That’s disgusting.

It appears too many police enjoy the power rush of (unnecessarily) inconveniencing people/making people miserable (or even bullying), along with an apparently pervasive assume-everyone-is-guilty attitude, and a lack of compassion/basic human understanding from many is appalling (and sad).