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Good article on Australia’s seemingly unending “road to nowhere”, literally


Petrol station in Brisbane about to undergo renovation wants to empty its tanks quickly.


Why would you want to fill your car with the shit at the bottom of the tank and risk engine damage?


In any normal situation, there’s no way of knowing whether you’re filling up from a near empty tank or not anyway.


I wish petrol was that cheap all the time😕


I’m sick of being given a dirty look from the driver of a car following me every time I slow down or stop to allow a bus to pull out from a stop. :angry:
That Give Way sign on the back of all buses is there for a reason .


Twice today I had people on my right speed up to stop me from zip merging. That and roundabouts must be the most misunderstood road rules in Melbourne.


I think most people know the rules. They just disregard them as aggression takes over.


A Transurban led consortium will pay $9.3 billion for 51% of the under construction WestConnex motorway in Sydney. The deal includes the consortium acquiring the M5 South West motorway from 2026 which is when the current concession expires, that existing concession is partially owned by Transurban.

Transurban owns fully or has significant ownership in all but two of Sydney’s toll roads, missing out on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel.


…Should move their global base to Sydney tbh, considering.

Would attract bigger worldwide engineering brains and execs, plus a lot of wheeling and dealing done there.

They’re only still in Melbourne for sentimental reasons I think, as CityLink was its first road, constructed in the 90s. The tollway is also still the company’s biggest single money maker and most expensive asset, as its essentially a 20km 10-14 lane motorway, very recently finished the first of two sections of its first upgrade since opening nearly 20 years ago.



But probably more for this reason


Last time I checked BHP or Rio Tinto don’t have a mine on Collins Street.


The details can be seen at the North East Link website.
Why does Labor insist on a Doncaster Busway instead of a train line or extension of route 48 tram line to the city? The width and design of the proposed busway won’t allow it to be converted to a railway down the track.


I’m all for extending the 48 to Doncaster Hill but it would make for a long trip into town. The express busway along the Eastern is better than nothing, sadly though I can’t see a railway being built anytime soon.


I had a closer look at the new designs for the North East Link. They certainly listened to community feedback and made big changes to the first design. The interchanges at Simpsons Barracks and Bulleen are now much simpler and easier to navigate, while additional noise walls will be built and existing noise walls replaced.

It will be similar to route 75 (Vermont South) and 86 (Bundoora) which take more than one hour to reach the Melbourne CBD.
As for the new railway, it will have to be built parallel to the Eastern Freeway now, which means a tunnel under the Yarra at Kew which is more environmentally destructive.


Victorian State Election is coming up. What is helping shape your vote? I post this here as road projects are probably where my vote will go.

I’m now leaning towards the Liberal Party plan to build east-west link. This is after spending a month earlier this year commuting from the western suburbs to Ringwood. The lack of freeway between Citylink and the Eastern Freeway was very frustrating, it sometimes took me 30 mins to travel from the end of the Eastern Freeway at Hoddle St through to the Citylink on-ramp at Racecourse Rd. About 5km.


Always a major issue for Melbourne.

Though in terms of transit systems, particularly Metro Trains, Labor (Dan Andrews) has delivered on the “level crossing removals” and station upgrades. The party has always been strong on the roads too, but just that one project the East West Link they are very anti.


The Liberals have pledged to upgrade the Dingley Bypass to freeway by removing all traffic lights between South Road in Moorabbin and Springvale Road in Dingley, if they win the state election in two weeks’ time. But this will mean a redesign for the proposed Mordialloc Freeway as a freeway interchange is required at Clayton where the two roads meet.


The F6 Freeway EIS has been released in Sydney. By the end of it, surely Sydney will have the longest underground road tunnels in the world?