Dream Home

Opening casting is no guarantee of another season.

Chris Brown is popular, Seven have history with Reno Shows, this is also the type of thing advertisers will lap up. Even if it does moderately well, it’s something they can probably build upon.

I don’t even think they’ve publically released the list of companies involved and have already seen Highgrove Bathrooms and CAT promoting the series already as sponsors.

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Early casting can be a PR tactic for the current season as well. “Must be good if they are already planning another season”.


Did I just see a gay couple in the Dream Home promo?

The only things going for this show is Dr Chris and the quarter (away from the likes of Married and Block), plus Seven in a purple patch lately including Farmer on top, DWTS also coming and expected to do well and Seven’s promo team who FWIW always seem to do a good job (whether this campaign looks good and will work or not the jury is out IMO)

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Yup. Jo deserves much credit. She plugs Better Homes like crazy on Instagram too with decent posts rather than phoning it in

She famously left because producers wanted the show to have more conflict/fights between teams. The show had nothing wrong with it (and never really recovered once she departed)

I’ll give this a go, though have never really understood the appeal of Dr Chris


Is that the only reason though? She didn’t get tipped off that Seven were going to change the format up a bit or that they were considering axing it, the ratings had dwindled again after 2017’s resurgence.
Also she’d have been pretty busy with BH&G commitments, other media commitments and her personal life including young grandchildren.

And it meant she was able to step back into her OG and passion in Seven Sport, she’d had to decline multiple Australian Opens in Seven’s later years (I think missing all bar 2016 maybe had a minor role in 2013 and 2014 can’t remember) due to HR, as well as Rio 2016 Olympics (where she only did the Opening Ceremony and I think Closing albeit did anchor the 7Two Paralympics after that).

Thats quite a few things going for it… considering it has not yet started.


Okay fair :sweat_smile:

In-program promos have begun:


No dream is too big

Life-changing renovation series Dream Home premieres Sunday, 26 May

Seven’s brand-new competition renovation series Dream Home is set to take the renovation genre to new heights as six pairs of everyday Aussies battle it out room by room, transforming tired suburban family homes into astonishing new dream homes.

Premiering 7.00pm Sunday, 26 May on Channel 7 and 7plus, Dream Home is hosted by Dr Chris Brown and will feature some of the biggest and best life-changing renovations Australia has ever seen.

“In real estate terms, my own skills are a renovator’s delight, in need of a serious makeover,” confesses Dr Chris. “I’ve somehow lived through two renovations and seen both of them blow out on time and budget; mostly because of my questionable decisions.

“I genuinely feel like I can relate to what our couples are experiencing - possibly more than they’ll ever know.”

With grit and determination at the forefront, the teams will design and rebuild each other’s outdated and dilapidated homes.

Following renovations in each state, the top three placing couples will have their backyards completely made over with stunning gardens and outdoor living spaces. All couples will receive the gift of a lifetime with their newly renovated homes. The winning couple will also receive a cash prize of $100,000 to help with their mortgage.

A trio of expert judges – Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations, top buyer’s agent Simon Cohen and award-winning interior designer Rosie Morley – will provide invaluable insight during the renovations before critiquing and scoring each new space in the stunning homes.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company), Dream Home will inspire and ignite Australia’s love of home renovation.

Meet the Dream Home teams:

• Brad and Mel (VIC) Parents to four teenagers
• Taelar and Elle (VIC) Sisters
• Hannah and Jonny (QLD) New parents of twins
• Rhys and Liam (QLD) Tradie brothers
• Jacinta and Jordan (NSW) Parents of two young children
• Lara and Peter (NSW) Parents of two young children


I heard this is the biggest “sponsored” show in years for 7, with over $1million in product placement/partnerships which were paid before the show even airs.

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I wonder how much of it those advertisers would want back when they see that this show is a dud.

Have you seen it?

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Why were the teams only chosen from the eastern states? Weren’t people living in other states considered for the first season?

That was the team from Northcote in Melbourne’s inner north who featured in recent promos.

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How is this different to house rules tbh?

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House Rules by a different name, with new host and outsourced production company.


House Rules with a Vet hosting which makes no sense at all. :joy:


Don’t forget that’s it’s based of a NZ renovations show :joy:

It is essentially a carbon copy of House Rules with a new name.

Dr Chris was on Sunrise this morning, discussing the show with Shirvo and Nat.