Dream Home

View’s recap of the grand final plus more photos from the backyard renovations.


I did have a chat to the boys today if its of any interest:

Did seemed to pick up a bit of momentum towards the end, probably enough to get a second run. Every design I’ve seen though, including the winning garden, has been a sea of white and beige - seems they’ve been creating show homes rather than homes.

The Sydney house had a rule of no colours or something. The other Sydney house had a rule of white front yard area. But I think most of the other houses did have more creative colourful ideas

20 episodes to renovate 6 houses just seemed too rushed. You barely had any renovation before it was time to do reveals.

One of the good things about the Block is that the judges are judging the same rooms each week, so you can compare apples with apples.

In a second season, they should try to level the playing field a bit in that respect. So have ‘bathroom and laundry week’ for example… ‘kitchen, dining and living’ week, ‘bedrooms week’… and yes, perhaps each house gets three week.

Complexities about doing that for sure… but at least it’s a bit easier to follow along.

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I think they kind of did that with teams doing basically the same zones (e.g kids room & living room or front facade & entry etc)

Since it’s not 1 team doing 1 house, they can’t do 1 week of reveal as bathroom week etc also if they did that then it’s basically a carbon copy of the Block

The two losing teams posted on Instagram this afternoon.


That’s it! What a life changing experience! How lucky we are! @peter.birdy and I thought going into a show like this that we would end up in a divorce, as did most of our friends and family but we were both surprised that this has brought us closer than ever. Although it was super hard being away from the kids, it allowed us to have time together, lean on each other, trust each other and I’m so happy with how we came out of it all, couldn’t have done it without you babe. @channel7 and @endemolshineau thank you so much for picking us to be some of the luckiest people in the world, the gratitude we have for what you have done for our family is something we can’t even put into words. We have loved every single part of this and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Our fellow contestants, we love you so much! We have such a unique bond where our homes are now each others homes! We have done something so special for one another which is why these bonds will be forever friendships. To all production behind the scenes, Pete and I loved you all so much! Thank you for making this experience what it was and although super hard, you made it really fun! To all the trades! We appreciate you guys so much! To all the sponsors who have filled our homes with the most amazing products, thank you!!! There is no way we would have been able to deck our place out with all of these amazing things so thank you so much!! Although we didn’t come away with the title and $100k off our mortgage, we are walking away with our heads held high, a fully renovated home with an epic backyard that has a pool, 1st place for all interiors and facades, $10K cash prize, a $700k increase in property value, a bunch of new friends and a marriage better than ever. I’m pretty sure we have won!!!
Thank you to all our supporters, we read all comments and messages and we have so much love from the Australian public and we can’t tell you how much that means, and the smile it gives us.
We can’t wait to start our lives in this amazing home and create so many memories. Thank you everyone!!


From day one, picking up the Ute for the first time, to Grand final day, what a ride! I would never be able to express how proud I am of my wife @larabirdy you truely are amazing. what an achievement and we got through it stronger than we started :clap: love you :heart_eyes: ya hot bitch


And that’s a wrap! Congratulations to all the contestants but especially the tradie brothers from Queensland, so happy to see a sibling duo take it out and for Rhys to have something for his young family from this experience. Obviously wish I could have done this for Tae and her family but I’ll pay that debt off over my lifetime. What a wild ride it was, from applying to learning to renovate, getting to know and love the contestants, judges, host, suppliers, tradies and crew and going through the uncomfortable reality of being on TV. Onto the next part of my life enjoying the house with family :heart: :heart:

Elle again:

You may have loved it or hated it but this is our dream backyard through and through. Thank you to my sister @taelerjordan for letting me ride her coat tails through this competition and for getting us not only our dream home but dream back yard too :heart:

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Btw both of those posts were done Ellie

But the renovations are the boring bits and we’ve seen that million of times before. Plus, most of it is done by tradies and not the actual contestants anyway. Those are the lowest rating episodes so they’ve just compacted all the renos into less episodes.

On Wednesday, the brothers made the surprise announcement to 7NEWS.com.au that they plan to do it all again with a new home improvement project.

“We’re looking to sell our current renovated home on the Sunny Coast to buy a new renovation project, and I’m planning to spend some much-needed family time without the stress of bringing in some income for a little while,” Rhys said.

“We’d like to find another reno (renovation) project and also just focusing on our next milestones in life, like getting married and having another baby,” Liam added.