Doctor Who

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Wow. That is a bizarre time to be showing it!!


Yeah. What’s the point?

Most people will have to record and watch later. Could have just had a morning screening and then show it later in the week with Whovians.


I reckon it should have been shown at 7.30 on ABC2 followed by Whovians after a morning ABC HD broadcast. If viewers want the HD version that can be PVR’d.


I reckon it should be replayed on main channel at 8.30pm Tuesdays (in place of Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane, which can be moved to 9.20pm or thereabouts) or at 8.50pm Thursdays, currently marked TBA.

EDIT: according to TV Tonight, after the October 8 premiere, the new season will move into its regular timeslot of 6pm Mondays from October 15.


The point is that it is weird to schedule it at 5:45pm!


It’s already been announced by ABC that it starts Oct 8


What I mean was the show premieres on October 8 at 5.45pm, then moves into the regular time of 6pm Mondays from October 15. IIRC Doctor Who once aired at 6pm in the 1990s. Up against Seven News and Nine News this time however, the show could hit a ratings low.


It will. That’s what we’re saying.


5:55 AM


Choose one


iView at 5.55am AEDT, TV broadcast at 5.55pm for the first episode?


In the UK the season premiere got a 40% share on BBC1 (on just overnight figures).


The Twitter hashtags of Doctor Who and Jodie Whittaker have both been upgraded with her character as a cartoon image.


Two Women Who Fell to Earth…one gave her life, the other had her birth…

A brilliant first episode for a new Doctor. Excited to see what (mis)adventures the new TARDIS crew have! Also a very cinematic vibe, loved it!


Today’s episode started at 6.08pm AFTER children’s animated series Bluey.
Also, the Doctor Who hashtag has been changed again with The Doctor emoji replaced by TARDIS.


Re-watching Whovians 11.1, thought I heard something familiar. At 5:38 on the iview recording, it’s the Southern Cross TV lineup music!


“Interesting” that Josh Bowman was the villain this week as he also appeared in NBC’s time travel show Time After Time.


With The Drum taking the 6pm spot next year, where does that leave Dr Who?


In a time vortex?


I believe I read somewhere that there won’t be a new season of Doctor Who next year