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Considering that tweeting is predominantly performed by journalists, artists etc. (ie people with a public profile) I can’t imagine there are too many people posting such backwards views. So of the normal people you follow, a) they’d have to be fairly prolific tweeters (most people aren’t), b) actually be interested in Dr Who, a rather niche (these days) sci-fi programme and c) actually angry enough to tweet about it.

I doubt that these comments anywhere near balance those on the liberal side shrieking about “sexism”.

I track twitter very closely and follow a wide spread of individuals…the “outrage” is almost exclusively one-sided…and of those that may find the news of a female lead upsetting, it is such a minute number of individuals as to not even warrant discussion about it.


Actually, the NewStatesman today carries a perfect representation of the liberal commentariat’s weird delight…in assuming other people are annoyed. Quite deranged.



Doctor Who spinoff Class has been axed after just one season.


The BBC1 series will run for 10 weeks rather than the usual 12 or 13, but each programme will last a full hour instead of 45 minutes.


Will the ABC cut the Sunday news back to 30 minutes to accommodate for the full hour of Doctor Who?


Doctor Who’s new companion is Graham, played by 57-year-old Bradley Walsh (The Chase UK and Coronation Street). Former Hollyoaks stars Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole will play Yasmin and Ryan respectively in the new season.
The BBC also confirmed the series will have a 10-week run of 50-minute episodes in mid-2018.


Looks good.


Doctor Who - Twice Upon a Time Christmas Special

Tuesday 26 December at 7:30pm


The Doctor Who Christmas special serves as Peter Capaldi’s farewell to the series. As well as the first Doctor (David Bradley), Twice Upon A Time will also feature Pearl Mackie as companion Bill Potts and Mark Gatiss as a World War One soldier, known so far only as ‘The Captain’



Whovians Christmas Special


FOLLOWING the Doctor Who Christmas Special


Join the Doctor Who after party where superfans Rove McManus, Adam Richard, Cal Wilson & Steven O’Donnell as they discuss the Doctor Who Christmas Special!


Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time

Confirmed for iview straight after the UK at 05.30am

Whovians Christmas Special

Tuesday 26 December at 8.30pm


Trailer for Christmas special


Tegan Higginbotham has been added to Whovians Christmas Special panel.



Doctor Who is getting a rebrand with a new logo.


The sequence they used to introduce it was beautiful. Nice to see them continue that idea of the TARDIS interacting with the logo in some way.

I found it a bit funny that the TARDIS appeared to warp through the logo like Star Trek Beyond.

Can’t wait to see the full titles for S11.



First a teaser, now a trailer


“Will you be my best friends?” Not companions, not assistants, BEST FRIENDS! As if we needed another reason to love her.