Doctor Who

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The Vault Report - seen each week on Whovians :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome season finale and great Whovians episode tonight.


The 13th Doctor will be revealed Monday morning our time.


BBC has just announced the new Doctor as Jodie Whittaker.



It will be very interesting to see how fans react to the choice of a female Doctor Who.

And there’s a Doctor Who connection with Jodie Whittaker having starred alongside previous Doctor Who star David Tennant in Broadchurch.


Lots of mixed reactions on social media.


Good choice.


The only reaction I’ve seen is from hyperventilating liberal Brits squawking the entire day about how “racist, sexist white males” are going to go crazy about it and stop watching.

Apart from that, not much of a “mixture of reactions” apart from people rolling their eyes / scrolling past this mundane news. In any case, what will be delicious is this week the BBC being forced, through new legislation, to disclose the salaries of employees earning more than £150,000 - the “BBC gender pay gap” will make for interesting reading - already they’ve been briefing about how they’re much better, supposedly, than many other media organisations (…that don’t have mandatory disclosure and thus the BBC wouldn’t even know about :roll_eyes:).


I’m seeing males and females declaring they’ll never watch it again and that this has “ruined” the show. And the opposing reactions to those reactions…

I understand the show has passionate fans but I don’t really see the point though in being outraged that they’ve got a woman in the role now.

Never really been a Doctor Who fan, I can’t stand sci fi, but I’d probably watch her debut just out of curiosity.


Apparently regenerating timelords can’t have vaginas now.


We already knew they could because Missy has been the regeneration of The Master for the past few years.


It’s exciting news, I can’t wait to see how she goes. The next thing I’m wondering is will we have a male or female companion?


I love this announcement, I’m so hyped!. And I’m also playing a game of bingo for the triggered people’s comments.


Off topic but i reckon bring on a male Wonder Woman only because he’d bring the sassy comments with him :sunglasses:


Nominate someone with manboobs and you can please everyone :heart_eyes:


There already is a Wonder Man in the comic book world. Have no idea if he makes sassy comments. Maybe there could be a Sassy Man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perhaps, you’d have to be actively seeking out and trawling some pretty kooky parts of the internet to find people like that though. I certainly haven’t seen any.

The only indication of public reaction to this sort of news I’ve seen is from a YouGov survey a while back, showing that the introduction of a female Doctor had a larger negative response from women than men…that’s not to say people particularly care, just their reaction when surveyed.


It seems people are more triggered by the POTENTIAL for some people to be “triggered” than are actually triggered…LOL. Is there a bingo square for that?


No, just what comes up in my normal everyday Twitter feed. I’ve not had to go “seeking out and trawling some kooky parts of the internet”.

As I said I have seen comments from both sides of the Doctor Who outrage spectrum.