Do You Want To Live Forever?

Do You Want To Live Forever?

What if it was possible to reverse ageing, end disease and live forever? In the 9Network’s groundbreaking new series, Do You Want to Live Forever?, Dr Nick Coatsworth will guide six Aussies on a powerful journey to stop the clock and turn back time.

Now for the first time in human history and in our lifetime, science and technology are catching up to the dream of living forever.

Fundamental insights into DNA, disease and treatment mean the medical and scientific communities are standing on the brink of engineering humans with lifespans nobody thought possible.

We’ll examine if we really can wind back our biological clocks, analyse the secrets of living younger longer, ask can we really end disease? And then, take a look at the world of the superaged.

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Dr Nick Coatsworth



Better having someone new fronting a show than seeing the same old faces like Scott Cam and Lisa McCune.

Nine seem to be using Dr Coatsworth heavily. I find him awfully unlikeable.


Do you want to look and feel better than you have in years? Apply now for a brand new Aussie show:

— Channel9 (@Channel9) November 20, 2023

And the show’s title is misleading… maybe should be…

“Do You Want To Live For a Bit Longer, Maybe, With A Bit Of Luck, And Don’t Mind Being Dosed Up on Drugs For The Rest Of Your Life To Do It”

As we know, you can’t live forever anyway.

Party pooper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This shows title sounds like a title of Jehovah’s witness book or magazine.

I figured I’d start a new thread for discussion of the upcoming show to be fronted by Tracy Grimshaw.
Reveal will be in January 2024.

David Knox touted the idea of a return of Sunday.
Not sure if such a show would now work unless Weekend Today was shortened considering the sport show commitments.


That format is dead and wouldn’t rate. We already have Insiders which covers all the Political things, Speers is better in that department vs Tracey. Weekend Sunrise and Insiders own Sunday mornings. Weekend Today has been a basket case for as long as it has existed.

Tracey should only do special reporting for 60 minutes and that’s about it. Special reporting for the network as a whole even, and the stories end up on whatever show dictates.

I would be very careful if I was 9, launching her own show, or launching any time slot dedicated to her. It’s not going to work. This isn’t the USA where those formats work.

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I think specials would work to plug gaps, interview specials, topic based specials.

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Maybe they will change the format of 60 Minutes slightly and have Tracy as a host/presenter and also doing long form interviews as part of her role.

This might explain why they are they announcing 2 new reporters at the same event.

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She should just retire and enjoy life.

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Although it was nothing more than just a simple suggestion from David Knox, i do miss that Sunday show. We know that it’s not going to return in that slot. It’s crowded at the moment, with Weekend Today, and The Sunday Footy Shows and Sports Sundays that follow. With the success of Insiders on the ABC, Seven and Nine haven’t sprouted a “rival” to compete against it, bar their Weekend Sunrise/Today shows, that do fall behind in the ratings.

Nine are saying it’s a new show, so it will probably just be an interview show as such. With various timeslots to just fill in some of the gaps on Nine’s schedule.

Have they nabbed back the rights to This is Your Life maybe?


The only slot I could see a Sunday show (much lighter, more interviews no in depth reporting) is 5pm Sundays before the news

It was really strange decided not to continue, it was one of 2022’s shining lights, both ratings and reviews, the timeslots could’ve been better though/more love given to investing and marketing. Would not at all be surprised if Nine announce a return to them and no doubt will treat it well and would do well. The amount of times this show has now bounced around the two networks too!

I believe she’ll be hosting ‘Do you want to live forever?’.

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Left of field, could Tracy pop-up as part of Nine’s Olympics coverage somehow? Can’t remember if she took part in London 2012 (was ACA rested or did they do a special edition on-location?)

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The Dream with Roy and HG with Tracey :stuck_out_tongue:

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