Is it on Disney+ in Australia too?


If they’re new and unique to the service/not available on another streamer then yes? I don’t believe the regular customer knows or cares about the difference.

If I’m subscribing to Disney+ or Paramount+ I’m subscribing to get access to all of those shows that fall under that umbrella/service. I’m not thinking “man there’s a lot of new content here but not commissioned much as a Disney+ original recently”. That would simply be a bizarre way to assess using a streaming service.


Sure but I feel you’ve taken my original point off track and that this year there has been a severe decline in true Disney+ Original programs. That was my point.

I get your point but really I don’t think it’s a very good one.

Disney shouldn’t be able to count new content that it is not choosing to brand/commission as a Disney+ Original…doesn’t make any sense.

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That’s okay. It doesn’t have to make sense to you. It’s what I think and it’s okay to have differing views.

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David is right.

D+ needs to be successful in the US.

And in the US they have not had a lot of hit shows.

The bear, shogun etc - were developed made and commune FX. Hulu has has more hits than Disney+

Disney+ needs to be developing more of their own hit shows to survive. Their development team has not had much success

This will be fundamental to their future. Right now they are relying on acquisitions


I’d argue it’s still figuring out what it is in the US. That’s where those strands and brands matter to an extent.

Just look at some of the perplexed Seppos who couldn’t believe Disney+ would have adult content when it had already been offered worldwide for a couple of years prior.



In Australia I want a bringe and disney+ bundle that also includes kayo sports and flash news services as well

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Disney+ is too focussed on their big and expensive fantasy franchises. We are lucky that we get Star+ originals that are FX and Hulu

This is really massive and will help stop the bloodbath. Okay. Slow the bloodbath

Seriously, as the two small local players Binge and Stan need to do this and bundle. Perhaps even with Disney for example.

Stan’s CEO should be in the phone to binge and Disney as we speak. This US move will open the doors.

The fourth season will cover Wrexham’s journey in EFL League One.

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New season 27 August

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Great news for a great show


Oooh, very excited for this.

One of my favourite series this year so far.

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This service has been absolutely frustrating me this year.

Why are all the shows Disney own airing so inconsistently?

Will Trent, Not Dead Yet, The Simpsons, Grey’s etc

Are just some examples of shows that appear to only air every 2nd week?


Where’s Will Trent and Not Dead Yet tonight? There’s no excuse. Both seasons are finished. Why can’t we see them tonight?

It’s been happening all year. Very inconsistent scheduling.

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I think some of their comms in Au/NZ (both at a PR level and user level) have left a lot to be desired @David.

It would perhaps be understandable if the breaks were aligned with US TV airings, like in the fast-track linear TV era and occasionally they missed a week in line with the US but to let the end user basically guess isn’t ideal.

Also, it doesnt take much to communicate with viewers paying cash. Netflix is okay at it - I like the way TVNZ+ does it (and I’m sure others), the user knows when to expect the next episode.


Paramount+ is really good, they sometimes have times that an ep will be up. (e.g. mostly its like “New Episode Monday/New Episode May 25/Premieres Monday 12PM”)

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Agreed, the oft-times maligned Paramount+. :grin:

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