Disney’s streaming service launches 12 November 2019, however an Aussie launch date has yet to be announced. Of note, it appears the Simpsons will be featured


I guess that depends on when Disney’s deal with Stan (and its owner Nine) ends. But whenever the streaming service starts in Australia, that means we may no longer see Disney movies and TV shows on FTA and Foxtel, except for a couple of shows like The Good Doctor, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Amazing Race, which will see out their run on Seven.

I disagree. FTA and streaming are two different products and two different revenue streams.

Disney aren’t going to forgo income from FTA replays of their films just to drive people to their service. If anything, they can use FTA screenings as a promotional tool to drive uptake.




Stan doesn’t have exclusivity so Disney is not hindered by that deal. They can launch when they like.

From a Variety news story:

If Australia is included as part of Asia it may launch here early next year.

Edit: From the Disney investor presentation:

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Can they launch a streaming service in Australia? Didn’t CBS have issues with getting into Australia and could only really do that with the buying of 10?

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I don’t know what the barriers would be?

No idea which is why I asked. I know there was issues with Netflix getting into Australia and then the same thing with CBS and many suggested the reason they bought 10 was to get their streaming service into Australia.

an article i was reading said it would be here in the next 2 years

Disney are going to spend big and take deep losses for the next four to five years to build up Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu and Hotstar. I’m sure they’ll spend whatever they need to to launch Disney+ in Australia.

With the launch of Disney+, Iger has essentially implied that the Disney Vault will be killed off and all Vault media will be released on Disney+.

Which begs an interesting question, what will be the fate of some of Disney’s more controversial releases? Namely the racially controversial Song of the South (1946) and the anti-Nazi WWII propaganda short Der Fuehrer’s Face (1943). Maybe if they were released as commentary pieces to highlight the moral differences from the mid-century versus today?


Now all we need is a linear Disney channel that airs The Simpsons at 6pm every night


Interestingly both of those are on Dailymotion, though Song of the South is a poor quality copy and is in multiple parts. I wonder if Disney will start cracking down on sites like Dailymotion (which is owned by Vivendi).

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Thrilled to share a first look at Disney+ with you!

The original Star Wars logo!!! :laughing:



Because Netflix, CBS and other businesses had pre-sold streaming / online rights to their respective content and didn’t own any rights locally in Australia to stream anyone elses content so it was a case of starting from square one when it comes to re-acquiring the rights, sometimes even to their own original content.

I’m unsure if Disney has the same issue within Australia.