This suit, filed in California, came after Carano was fired in 2021 from the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, ostensibly for expressing views on X that were at odds with the family-friendly company.


I was a bit disappointed when The Bear kept beating Abbott Elementary at the Emmys. So I started watching it and wow, the standalone episodes in season 2 are amazing. I don’t see how it’s a comedy though.


I started watching season 1 but couldn’t see how it was classed as a comedy. I gave up on it.

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Shame you didn’t get into it. I would rate it up there with one of the greatest shows of all time. Even after only two seasons. It’s tightly written, expertly directed. It make you feel the full gamete of emotions. I simply cannot rave about the show enough. It’s simply superb.

Agreed. The Bear is incredible. It’s not a comedy but that’s the nature of US award categories. The episode 6/7 double punch in season two is incredible.


Largely thanks to JAW’s fantastic acting style. I had the pleasure of watching him in another one of my faves Shameless for years (which he starred in for a decade and launched him to fame but global stardom now with Bear) and not even just a storyline (Shameless similarly for those that might not be aware was often very dramatic, serious & emotional and at times graphic and hard to watch while also having its comedic elements) but his pure acting derives a strong reaction and emotion from the audience, he is unique and to find fellow actors specifically like him is few and far between. So so glad more have discovered him and this type of show.

He’s great in The Iron Claw too.

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I’d like to see that, I’ve heard great things (Zac Efron as well and been a lot of commentary about how different they look/different roles), but something I’d be happy to wait for say when it hits its digital rental window (probably fairly soon).

So many top movies out in cinemas at the moment, local too.

Would love to see Disney+ start season 3 at some point

Come on Seven, terminate the contract so that new American Dad episodes come here as soon as possible! Disney+ AU is already two years behind the original US airing.