I think the creator has a psychic on the team.

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Nostradamus or Sharina?



A gypsy in a tent as depicted in episode number… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Since then I’ve heard reports that Disney will lease the LA studio lot for seven years so productions of shows like Modern Family and This is Us can continue.

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Financial analyst Rich Greenfield believed at least 5000 jobs would be lost from both Disney and 21st Century Fox as the result of the merger. Regulatory approval is not expected until 2019 and the full integration will take effect in 2021.



I know the “new Fox” keeps the Fox owned tv stations. But does that include the Fox Network itself?



Yes. Disney owns ABC so there would’ve been anti-trust issues if they had acquired Fox Broadcasting as well.

I’m worried about Disney becoming too big. Trust-busting has been discussed in the US on the topic of telcos, so I think it will shape up as a big issue in 2020 in their next elections and I suspect Disney might be dragged into it. AIUI the acquiring of 20th Century Fox won’t be finalised until 2019.




That’s so long. So we won’t notice any changes for years.



Disney and Fox have signed a prenup, Disney pays Fox $2.5 billion if the union is blocked by the government, and if one of the parties pull out they pay $1.52 billion to the one left at the altar.

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Some of the comments about FTA and Foxtel:

Foxtel may be disadvantaged from the deal, in part because it will lose its sister company relationship with Sky’s channels in Europe which will move to Disney.

Also as Disney would add National Geographic Channels and FX to its roster of pay channels including Disney and ESPN, Disney would have more clout in renewing carriage deals with Foxtel.

Essence Media MD Steve Allen thinks Network Ten may regain Fox content which it lost amid the acrimony over the CBS takeover. “The rift between Ten and Fox will disappear,” he says.

Allen expects Hulu to launch in Australia next year, before the merger is completed, as Disney would control 60 per cent of the streaming service including Fox’s 30 per cent stake.



Interesting article, thanks Cynic, good pick-up.

What’s to stop Seven and/or Nine making deals with Disney ABC for content, which will include 20C Fox content shortly?

If Ten do make a deal with 20th Television soon, it’ll be under Disney control within a few years & may have to renegotiate.



I don’t see Ten signing any major international content deals for a while.

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nor should they. Waste of $$



Agreed, they’re expensive.



but didn’t Ten recently sign an output deal with ABC-Disney when Seven did not renew its previous deal? Tonight they are showing a Disney special, plus they now have access to Disney’s back catalogue of movies, already screening movies such as Con Air and others.



No, I’m sure if they had (such a deal would’ve been in the tune of multi-millions of dollars), we would’ve heard about it in the press.

It’s just a second tier deal, for select back-catalogue films (excluding Walt Disney Pictures) and as we’ve seen some special content (i.e.) Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. I can’t be 100% sure though.

Btw, Seven currently has a long-running output deal with Disney ABC anyway, which (until now) has given them exclusivity to all Disney distributed and ABC TV content.



Which is why it was surprising to see the Frozen special show up on Ten and not Seven…

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But it would be as a result of Seven recently re-negotiating their deal too, surely?



Seven’s output deal for TV programming was with ABC studios.

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