Several rumours circulating that 21st Century Fox is looking to sell itself to Disney.

Basically, Murdoch would retain Fox TV and Fox News plus all his print holdings, but give Disney his movie and production studios. Disney would not purchase Fox News or Fox Sports (competition issues with ESPN), and already owns ABC, so the Fox network would remain owner by Fox. National Geographic and related properties would probably go to Disney.

More broadly, this has implications for Murdoch’s purchase of Sky in the UK and possibly even his own holdings here in Australia.


What a mega company that would be.


It also strengthens Disney’s VOD service coming soon.

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There was talk earlier in the year of Fox Television merging its stations with Ion Media’s stations giving it an owned and operated network covering most of the US population. Those talks stalled, though if the Fox to Disney sale gets up, so could a Fox Television-Ion Media merger.

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All of the Australian assets are owned by News Corp

There’s been mixed reporting about this - Bloomberg are reporting that the two parties aren’t talking anymore

So long as the Murdoch family - including Junior, nor anyone closely affiliated with them exerts ZERO influence as part of this deal. We wouldn’t want them subliminally brainwashing the kiddies now.

Fox Studios?

yep, It appears that is owned by 21CF

Owned by Fox.

Nat Geo and FX are also owned by 21st Century Fox rather than News Corp.

Nat Geo used to be licenced to Foxtel - not sure if thats still the case or Fox International run the channels

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At the 21st Century Fox annual general meeting next Thursday, one shareholder proposal to be voted on is to eliminate the dual share structure that gives Murdoch near 40% control with only 17% ownership. If the unthinkable happens and it gets passed, then Murdoch would have only 17% of the company and could no longer run it as if it’s a family company. Anything could be possible then, including the Disney deal.

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This is more of a side note, but in terms of distribution for TV, Seven still have most of the Disney library, it’d bolster them even more adding Fox’s library.

Seven have also been airing Fox movies in recent months, conveniently coincidently.

Disney have never really been one of the big Hollywood studios either.



Foxtel’s website suggests that the Nat Geo suite is operated by Fox International Channels, alongside FX and BabyTV

Well, compared to the likes of Universal/Fox/Paramount/Warner Bros/Sony output?

Good point. Disney only has the live action Walt Disney portfolio, the Walt Disney Animation Studios portfolio, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and Touchstone. Nothing major there.


Quantity or quality?

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Well obviosuly I was getting at quantity, but you make a good point about quality.

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