Disney was the most profitable film studio last year, and was second in revenue after Warner Bros. So far this year Disney are second in ‘total gross’ after Warner Bros, despite releasing less movies than Universal, Sony, Fox, Paramount and Lionsgate.


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All those companies make less money than Disney.

Disney has Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar. It is the biggest studio in terms of cultural impact and box office takings right now.

You tried to suggest that Sony, which makes more money from insurance than movies, is a bigger studio than Disney. Please.

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Reports are that Comcast (owner of NBC) and Verizon are interested in also buying some of Rupert’s assets. It’s about to get very interesting.

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Sony has now expressed interest in certain Fox assets that might be for sale, and Viacom is believed to be shopping itself around for a merger.

Speculation is that what remains of Fox - the Fox television network, television stations, Fox News and Sports, will be merged back into News Corp with Murdoch then taking News Corp private.



21st Century Fox is again talking to The Walt Disney Company about asset sales, and Comcast the owner of NBC Universal is also in negotiations. If Rupert Murdoch decides to pursue a deal, it is expected it will be announced by the end of December.

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Deal could be announced next week.

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Financial Times reports James Murdoch could be the new Disney CEO under the deal, ahead of the retirement of current CEO Bob Iger in 2019.
For Australia, Seven could be the big winner out of Disney’s purchase of Fox assets as it means the network will get access to Fox’s movie and TV catalogue, including current programs The Simpsons and This is Us.

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It is yet to be seen how he works without his dad’s influence keeping him in the job. After his failed leadership of News International UK he should have been sacked by News, not promoted.



I presume 20th Century Fox will still exist as a major studio however, including their logo on their films?

It’ll be a Disney subsidiary, which means they’ll distribute 20C Fox’s library now.



Although the name is a bit last century. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They don’t necessarily need to keep the name. Nothing wrong with all future productions being labelled a Walt Disney Studios production.

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With my last paragraph above, does this mean TV networks globally, can no longer make deals / output deals with 20th Television (which habdle all of 20C Fox’ films / shows distribution to networks)?

Rather networks would have to consult with Disney ABC International Television?

Though, didn’t I read somewhere, that this takeover doesn’t include Fox Television? Therefore who would distribute their TV shows - 20th Television or Disney?

Hence my confusion.

As we’re no doubt pondering, this very much so brings in question which (if at all) Australian networks will pick up The Simpsons.



Well nobody is privy to the conditions of sale or what is being negotiated, so anything suggested here would be purely speculation.

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It sounds like Fox network would still exist as would fox’s news and Sports production. But shows like Simpsons would fall under Disney ownership and production - and continue to be shown on Fox

There are many shows today made by a studio for a competitor US TV network. And in these cases the studios decide who to sell to internationally, not the US network who are just a local customer.

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Modern Family is a good example. That show’s produced by 20th Century Fox Television, although it airs on the ABC network.

Then there’s syndicated programing…



Deal announced Thursday US time.



A new Fox company will be spun off prior to the merger with Disney.


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any word on if this includes foxtel?



So it doesn’t include News :confused:



Foxtel are 50% owned by News Corp Australia, who are a seperate company. Fox Sports and the Sky Channels are 100% owned by NCA.

I doubt we’ll see any changes in the availability of channels like FX, ESPN and Nat Geo.

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