Digital TV Technical Discussion


Flashback: On Christmas 2017, I noticed WIN’s signals had gone off in Canberra. I called WIN’s Illawarra office, and she said “i’ll report it to a programmer”. Soon enough, they started working again!


Because that is actually something important. But if you call all the time about nonsense, they will black list you eventually.


Which for them is probably complaints about blue blobs and watermarks.


The Hong Kong Government announced today that analogue TV transmission in the city would be switched off at 11.59pm on November 30, 2020. From next day, only digital channels will be broadcast.

If I remembered correctly, Australia had a three-year transition period to analogue switch off from the first announcement.


Remarkable how far behind some countries / territories are. Singapore is another that comes to mind. Not sure if they’ve turned analog off yet. And both are relatively wealthy places.

At the same time some European countries are about to close their terrestrial digital services!


Singapore switched off analogue acouple months ago.
IIRC part of it is to do with how many in neighbouring countries (Malaysia in Singapores Case, Mainland China for HK) were/are still watching the analogue signal.


Analog TV will be switched off in Singapore at the 2nd half this year. Malaysia will be off in March

Surprised to see Hong Kong not doing so until next November


There are still some parts of Northern Canada that still have high powered analogue TV transmitters running.


It’s because the neighbouring Guangdong Province still has analogue TV transmission, which will not be switched off until 2020 at the earliest. Until then, the spectrum reserved in HK for analogue TV cannot be put into good use.


Re the Brisbane - Gold Coast potential SFN 4k trial

The frequencies have been adjusted so that both locations are on Channel 28.