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Picture from a friend who can receive it; apparently 4k footage from this year’s world cup:


According to the below post, ABC & SBS are the only stations currently transmitting in the below regions, with commercial channels currently off-air.


WIN, SC9 and Prime7 are all coming in fine here in Sydney at the moment.


Must be true - it was on Twitter.


Didn’t think I’d see NITV in 4K/2160p. Screenshot from the transmission:


Some screenshots from the 9 4K demo:


Seems to be fixed, as it has been since after 9pm.


ABC 4K Catalyst screenshots:


does this mean sbs was broadcasting the last Australian world cup game live in 4k? or is that just a delayed loop?


Oh and someone should upload the 4k loops to youtube lol


Oh how I’d love to see that 9HD 4K watermark be a full time thing!


I tried, but it gave me a copyright strike.


94K :wink:


Apologies as I’ve not been keeping up with this thread and if this has been covered already. But being in Melbourne I’ve not seen these transmissions (and my set probably isn’t compatible, anyway)

But how are these test transmissions operating? Is it one channel presenting content from various networks, or is each network having their own 4K channel. Is the 4K channel(s) a real time simulcast or is it pre-recorded programming?


I believe the DVB-T2 trials are only happening in Sydney and on one multiplex: VHF-10 from Gore Hill and UHF-29 from the Kings Cross & Manly/Mosman sites.

Content wise, unfortunately I don’t have access to a DVB-T2 tuner but judging by what I’ve seen here, it appears that Free TV & Broadcast Australia are running the trials with additional content provided by Nine, the ABC & SBS.


I get the impression its demo loop footage - the 4k content appears to be recent.


Currently experiencing signal issues with Nine - no Logies for me (will have to watch online). I live about 4km from Melbourne CBD.


All the footage is on the same channel. It’s just a pre-recorded demonstration loop.


From Illawarra Mercury today, re last Friday’s commercial TV outage in the Illawarra region.

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It’s still irrelevant to terrestrial broadcast - it’s a completely different and unrelated transmission medium. All you are doing is conflating matters

It’s also a different aspect ratio (1.9:1 as opposed to 16:9)

DCI frame rate is 24 fps

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