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Think this was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the (false) reports yesterday that people had made 000 calls about the Facebook outage


Haven’t noticed any difference between all 3 streams for 4TAB

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Yes, it was tongue in cheek

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2KY is 4TAB 3?


Appears one of Bill’s attendants has recaptured the ZOO DAB+ beast & now being heard again.

But unfortunately ZIG has now escaped its DAB+ compound.

Is this story is getting a little zzzzzzzzz tiring?


On DAB infill sites, there was a planning document linked here some time ago which mentioned a proposed infill site at Como (NSW). Does anyone know whether this has got official approval?

Como is just across the river from me and if the site was switched on, I’d obviously get flawless reception. DAB+ reception around here is a little patchy in parts. The Como site would really only benefit Oatley; a site at Sutherland would probably be better to cover the rest of the Georges River valley.


Further to the above, the document in question is actually from the digital radio consortium reporting to the ACCC.

The Como site has not subsequently appeared in any ACMA literature so it may have been canned.

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I was going to suggest the ACCC documents, other sites have been canned, usually they’re mentioned the following year.


The ACCC has approved the Canberra, Hobart and Darwin digital radio undertakings. It appears that Hobart and Darwin could start as soon as ACMA declares a start up day. 1 July 2019 is the proposed start for Canberra as the transmitter will not be delivered until June.


Thanks for your effort in referring us to this.


I sent the tech in Sydney a email telling him that there were reports it was not on-air :grin:


Surely it’d be fairly inexpensive to set up a computer receiving the off air signal and measuring if it goes for more than 30 seconds of silence and send an alert? Even without someone actively monitoring it there shouldn’t be any station that goes off air and only gets fixed because a listener reports it.


Or even better still, someone at 2SM spending 5 mins a day checking the on air sound quality of the various stations eg. left channel only or low level audio.

It can be an admin person, as we’ve noticed on this forum, you don’t have to be a tech to know if something doesn’t sound right.


Macquarie Media in Sydney must be having some problems or maintenance going on with equipment that feeds the slideshow jpgs & info for their DAB+ transmission in Sydney.

No slideshows for both 2GB & 2CH atm. But Macquarie Sports Radio slideshow okay.
Noted earlier today & yesterday that the slideshow for 2GB was stuck on Bed Fordham’s image.


I would have thought that the water tower at Penshurst, (2NBC site) would have been the best location for a Dab+ infill with a southern directional beam.
This would cover Oatley and Como really well.

At my location at Stanhope Gardens Dab+ reception is only at medium strength at best from Artarmon, with a 10 element band 3 antenna (wrong polarity) and masthead amp.
I am too far away, and don’t have LOS of Hawkesbury lookout. If the Dab+ infill was at Kurrajong Heights it would benefit me as I would then have LOS.


Both slideshows restored this morning, all’s well with the world again…


I often think about around at the top of the hill at old northern road Dural would be a good place to put a repeater for DAB to cover Kellyville and Rouse Hill etc. But I think these days they are more focus on the radio app than put repeaters in. :slight_smile:


Only just got around to checking ZOO, and yes, it’s back, but in mono only (sigh).

And yes, ZIG has disappeared altogether. Which doesn’t really surprise me as it only ever relayed Melbourne community radio stations as far as I recall.

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Realistically I’m not expecting this to happen, but it’d be great if the Zed/Zig slot on DAB+ hosted “Show Radio” from AFTRS in a few weeks time. Or even ARN (who have connections to Show Radio “Proud Supporter” of recent years iHeartRadio and the Sydney Royal Easter Show via their sponsorship of the event) temporarily allocating 32kbps to the station.

Either way, hopefully the Show Radio reception is a bit better on 107.9 than it was last year when an open carrier (believed to be from Hurstville, the legacy of a previous temporary station on that frequency) made a mess of the FM transmission.


Does anyone remember what year Show Radio started? I think it was some time in the late 90s, though I don’t seem to recall any broadcasts from the old site at Moore Park.

They used 95.3 for the first few years- it was an even contest between Kiss 95.3 and Show Radio down here in the southern suburbs.