Digital Radio


Haha. It is possible on Mt Barrow in the north in the car, I’m pretty sure!

Maybe Nova is going to lease space from Grant Broadcasters for space in Hobart on DAB+ for Coles Radio, like they did for Canberra (I think)?


Yes, Coles Radio is still on the Canberra test broadcast.


Though given ARN doesn’t have any stations in Hobart, it’s unlikely Coles Radio will be on Hobart DAB?


Nova runs Coles Radio. ARN only runs Chemist Warehouse Remix.

Nova isn’t in Canberra, but Coles radio is.

Tasmania has it’s own, dedicated Coles Radio feed. They wouldn’t just start running promos promoting DAB in Tasmania if they weren’t going to be on DAB, surely?


Ah didn’t realise that Tassie had it’s own feed.

Good point, thanks.


Last time I checked, it was ‘wasting’ 16kbps of spectrum on Nova’s allocation in Brisbane.


2GB leased space on their DAB+ spectrum to APNA Indian radio, that was run out of Liverpool, in about 2013, but it failed within a year, iirc.

This online station Tune India Radio Sydney, that also started in 2013, has a local breakfast program from 7:00am, with Bollywood and Hindi music all day.

With a lot of people having unlimited data plans at home and high data mobile plans, I think streaming is a cheaper option for such stations.


That’s what a few Uber drivers I’ve experienced who are Indian do, they stream Bollywood/Hindi music on their bluetooth functions on the car radio.


According to the letter SCA sent out, Permanent DAB+ transmissions on 9A were due to commence on March the 1st. There is nothing broadcasting on 9A at the moment (even the test tone has been taken off the air).

Perhaps they’re planning to launch it on Monday?


Update: Hobart’s 9A mux is not due to commence for a few more weeks, now.


Zoo in Sydney has been dead air all of today on both DAB and the internet.


Zookeeper didn’t check the enclosure too well before leaving on Friday.


It’s not the first time either for Zookeeper Bill!


Come on, Bill Shorten can’t be blamed for everything. :upside_down_face:


4TAB 3 has appeared on digital in Brisbane this week.

RADIO TAB - the simulcast of AM 1008 remains at 64kbps whilst 4TAB 2 has been halved to add 4TAB 3

What is 4TAB 3?

A simulcast of their Sydney station. I didn’t listen long enough to confirm.

The other 32kbps could be halved of Radio TAB if Bill spent money for 2SM to be heard in Brisbane or likewise 2CH or SEN.

Well done @4TAB-1008kHz


Or River 949 even. You’d think Grants would want to have River 949 or even Hot 91/Hot Tomato on DAB in Brisbane?


Exactly, The Edge’s FM signal is simulcast on DAB+ for Sydney, this would achieve the same but via a different owner in on the metro digital allocation.

Had 4TAB bought the unallocated final 128kbps, it could’ve been leased for a variety of choices.


Digital radio channel plan modifications for Brisbane have been pushed out until Q1 2019/20.

Details via the following website, just updated on 12 March:

Very disappointing.


FiveAA on DAB+ was offair for a while this morning, they have a live stream going and have kept it on even though they are back on digital. Not sure if there were other stations affected or any 000 calls.


What do you mean by 000 calls in this instance?

It isn’t exactly an emergency that 5AA DAB is off air?!