Digital Radio


One of my favourite businesses that use digital radio in their workplace is Lick Ice Cream. With Australia Day flavours for sale, a clever staff member had found MMM Aus.

The music is a departure from the usual digital or streaming choices (remember my mention of them streaming the ‘original’ Nova, London’s Capital) for their target market which is usually women and children.


Is it just me or does Double and Triple J sounds like crud lately? On DAB.


No that’s just the station in general. :joy::joy::joy: #shutdowntriplej


Audio quality isn’t sounding too good. Muddy.


No #shutdown3AW and #shutdown2GB! And the radio world would be a much better place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Leave Triple J alone, not that I’d listen to it. :grin:


There are very few elements I enjoy about 2GB (DAB+ audio quality, Ian “Lofty” Fulton’s promotional voiceovers & some of the better Macquarie National Newsreaders - certainly not Jones, Hadley, etc.), but in any case it’s far from being one of my most listened to radio stations. It’d probably be a similar deal for 3AW if I lived in Melbourne.

As for Triple J…aside from the old “Festival of the Boot” commentaries from Roy & HG (Side note: Didn’t they used to do mock ads as comedy sketches? If so, that element was missing from their more recent NewsRadio broadcasts IIRC) which last aired on that station more than 10 years ago, for some reason I’ve never really been able to get into the Js even at Hottest 100 time.


I religiously listened to John Safran and Bob Maguire until they finished up and haven’t bothered with Triple J since. I have however occasionally listened to Double J on digital radio.




$10 digital radio.

DS548+ radio again spotted in Target at this price.

Only at some stores, seems there’s three groups of Target stores, ones that don’t stock digital radios at all, those selling over $10 and those selling at $10, difficult to pick them.

Here are the details:

My photo of it:


And a bonus is that it has two speaker’s so might even be stereo which doesn’t seem to be a priority on DAB radios


Listening to Double J’s Hottest 100 of 1998 through a Sangean FM/DAB radio connected to my Sherwood amp and it’s definitely a bit muddy. FM from both the built-in tuner and the Sangean is sounding a lot more dynamic


Sadly so @gordo92, it’s a shame.

Digital radio needs to be true stereo at a decent bit rate.


Compressed audio will never really be “true” stereo, even at say 128 kbps.

Uncompressed audio (true stereo) is WAV format, which is 1411 kbps.


Well I went to paradise beach baths in the pittwater area. The dab repeater is working very well there and that includes the abc. As usual not much time to dx with little kids. 2ch seem to have totally dropped the easy classic.

Coast fm did make it in there a bit. Had to go up the hill (difficult to park so parked up the hill) to get stereo on my pocket radio. Good spot but no toilets or tap to wash feet etc.

2SM 1269 Sydney

Wrote in a hurry, I meant without parametric stereo and the other trickery.

How can you have baths but no other facilities? For the price of the surrounding land, I’d say Northern Beaches Council has more than ample rate base for simple works.


I was wanting to tune in to Joy in Melbourne via the digital tuner to listen to their Eurovision countdown this afternoon. “Joy” came up on the tuner display but it was just silence, and there’s no mention of digital on their website. All other digital stations came through fine. I ended up listening online because my FM reception of 94.9 was not 100%.

I’m not a regular listener to Joy but is it my imagination that they used to be on digital?


I haven’t listened lately to know if they are comparatively worse - but the ABC allocate a huge amount to data rather than audio, meaning their nominal 80kbps stations run audio rates far below what you would expect. It varies, but I’ve seen Triple J go as low as 52kbps audio - below what most nominally 64kbps stations are.

Unfortunately all the stations that meet that definition, which are stations running AAC-LC in Stereo, are all talk format.

2CH and Nova Melbourne/Sydney are music stations running at sufficient bitrates, but they all choose to run with SBR (HE-AAC v1), which is marginal to negative in terms of audio improvement at those rates.


Yes, according to this


Maybe they’re not on it anymore? I did message them but didn’t get a reply


Yep, getting the same issue of it being silent, but I’m getting scrolling text on it.