Digital Radio


Sounds very pointless?

Aussie can’t have cost much to run.


I switched on at just before 7am and by 7am I was on Triple M Modern…


That’s incredibly disappointing, Aussie was an interesting station, I quite enjoyed listening to it when I lived down there

They probably could have even put it on 1377, like they did Classic Rock. As you guys have said, very cheap to run and might have even pulled a few listeners

One thing has to be for sure, there’s no way multiple channels of SEN as well as Macquarie Sports Radio can survive in the one market for long, even if it is the sports-mad Melbourne…


This morning both Koool and The 80s were also simulcasting SEN. I wonder if there was a technical issue? It was hard enough getting up at 5am without that station sending me back to sleep!
NB this was also in Melbourne.

Sorry meant Aussie, not The 80s. Koool is now SEN2


Hi @gordo92 , the audible buzz I noticed on ZOO Digital Sydney last week is still there.

Is that something you can follow up on, I can contact 2SM if not.

That seems to be the only 2SM DAB station affected.

The audio also just cut out momentarily, first time I’ve heard that though.


As seen on The Bodyguard


I will see who I can get to have a look at it in Sydney tomorrow if they have time


I’ve just noticed on my DAB+ radio that 2CH now has the “Now Playing” info on its DAB+ stream.


Hasn’t 2CH previously included “Now Playing” song info as part of their DAB+ service?

Anyway I personally think it’d be nice if the station add that song info (or at least some promotional images) to their DAB+ slideshow though - currently only running a distorted logo slide which is a bit of a waste IMO! :confused:


I’ve never seen 2CH include Song Info on DAB before.

That must have only started today, as it wasn’t there last night.

And about time too.


We’ll never know why Aussie & KOOOL disappeared without a Trace.


Ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:

The new distorted/low res 2CH logo was running for some weeks late last year (eg November 2017) but was replaced around December 2017 according to my records.

Here’s the new slideshow image of the ‘now playing’ song info image.
2CH now alternates between the logo & now playing slideshow image.



Radio 2OOO Sydney 98.5 FM are now transmitting their new logo on their DAB+ transmission slideshow.


Smooth DAB in Brisbane was off air this morning. Not sure if it’s back.


That element must’ve been added to the slideshow today, don’t think it was there when I checked yesterday! :slight_smile:


Quite possibly. It seamed like the techs might have been working on it when I first tuned in, as a couple of times a song slideshow was completely missed (showing a previous song, a couple of songs back). Also the title/artist info seams/ed slow to update.


Christmas Hope is back on DAB+ in Sydney and Bris on Nov 1


Forget Network Ten’s relaunch, this is the big media news of the week! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We need a DAB DXing thread!

For the first time EVER I managed to get Canberra DAB from up here near Newcastle!

Here’s a screenshot of MyCanberra Digital being received at only 1-2 bars out of 16. It cut in and out a bit.

Canberra Radio

Wow, that’s quite impressive! :smiley: