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I performed a rescan of my DAB+ software & noted what appears to be a re-labelling of Radio 2000 station name (if I’m not mistaken). I thought it last appeared as Radio 2OOO (?)
Is now appearing as: 2TripleO 985

No changes to the station logo on the DAB+ slideshow yet. New logo showing on the c2017 webpage.


2SM DAB+ reception.

What’s happening with 2SM’s DAB feed?
Sound’s like: ‘Snap Crackle & Pop Radio’

If any of the 2SM ‘Super Radio Network’ techs are reading this can you investigate
these odd noise artefacts?


I think it was just 2000 FM … I don’t remember seeing the word Radio in the DAB station name.


Looks like we were both wrong - maybe?
I just found a screen snap shot I took from March 2018 of the station.
Was (in March 2018 at least) listed as: 2OOO Languages


Fantastic project with at least five new bridges replaced in 2017/8, completed one week after Easter this year.

I have managed similar reception on other crossings out of the Scenic Rim e.g. the next crossing west, Mt Lindesay Hwy/Summerland Way, Carneys Creek/White Swamp Rd, Head Rd, Cunningham Highway.

You can also receive the digital signal on the high points of Kyogle at Geneva and the ridge to the east of the town.

Remember that this is with the ERP at 22kW at best, see the Dec 2016 discussion paper on what the current level is in that direction. Very promising should Brisbane receive an increase.


yes annoying me too!!!


Sorry for the late reply, really busy with work, keeping the TV & radio on air around Sydney for you guys.

There are no DAB+ transmitters at Gore Hill or Willoughby, they are all at Artarmon, 9A, 9B & 9C all come out of different transmitters, but all 3 multiplexes are within 200W of each other coming out of the combiner & going up the antenna, so there should be no difference whatsoever in receiving any Multiplex.


Thanks @RFBurns for all of your work on the TXs and technical info.

Is there a back up site in Sydney for DAB. I’m guessing not from your post above?


No, there’s no backup site for DAB+ in Sydney, there’s 6 DAB+ transmitters, 1 main & 1 alternate for each multiplex, & they’ll all located at Artarmon.


Thanks too for keeping the towers running :grinning:. Are all the dab repeaters on? Is 9C still on low power mode? Except for wimalee I think 9C is off there. Someone reported redfern was off too. Not sure if correct.


I don’t actually do anything with the DAB transmitters Broadcast Australia look after them.

AFAIK all DAB repeaters are on, & 9C is not on low power mode any more.

If Redfern was off, it would’ve only been due to a fault which would’ve been rectified?


Interesting did the govt pay? I remember they were not part of the repeater program. They were on low power just to avoid interference.


Short answer, yes.


Has anyone in Brisbane noticed the Nova Entertainment stAtions are offline today?


The DAB+ Logo slide has been updated:


Still running a generic image based on the old logo/name, but I presume it may take some time for the rebranding/renaming process to filter through the DAB+ slideshow in its entirety. :slight_smile:



2OOO looks much better than 2 Triple O.

I can only think they wanted to get away with the connotation of the number Two Thousand.
I know they used to promote themselves as “Two Thousand Languages”.


IS this still happening @ozbark ???


Hi Gordo92,

No seamed to have been fixed 2-3 days after I reported it here.
I was just surprised fault went on for so long, perhaps not many listeners listening via DAB+?
I only listen 1-3 times a week, so can’t be specific on rectification time, however both Laoma & myself
noted the fault had stopped some days later.
Nice to be listening to clear reception again :slight_smile:

Thanks for enquiring.


Thats good to hear

Your welcome :slight_smile:


I am quite annoyed.

Aussie Digital here in Melbourne has been replaced with ‘Sen3’, which seems to be just a useless simulcast of SEN. I really enjoyed the good mix of music played by Aussie, it was even better that it played very few ads, only one an hour.

Aussie was on air yesterday, so it appears that the change occurred today. The display on Aussie had actually been saying SEN+ for a little while.