Deal or No Deal

Everytime I pop into this thread someone is wanting the show to move to a different time. Ultimately what 10 schedule at 6pm is about damage limitation - something has to go against the news and probably more of a switchover audience at 6pm than 7pm.

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Channel 10 are killing off good game shows, such as Family Feud and Deal by airing them at six o’clock!


I think ten are reluctant as they often use the last segment of the project to feed into the following show like interviewing the hosts or the latest evictee etc.
they probably think it may have the opposite effect and potentially drag down the following shows…

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Grant just confirmed on radio (Nova 100) that 195 episodes have been filmed in total this year.

Wow, they have plenty of episodes in the can then. Last night’s episode that aired was episode 99.

It should take them to the end of the year now (with repeats on Fridays).

I would say next years episodes will commence filming again in September.


Yep. You would think Channel 10 would realised the last 3 attempts at a 6pm game show didn’t work. But Channel 10 seems to be going for 4th time lucky.

No guarantees that Deal will do better at 7pm but what they have at the moment as a lead-in to 7.30pm isn’t working and hasn’t worked for a number of years. Personally i think you gotta try something different and Deal or No Deal could be a good opportunity to test the theory.

Or move it there during summer and see how it goes.


I think that a 6pm deal followed by a 6.30pm family feud (hosted by a comedian, more similar to the US version) would be better than trying to get people to switch to the project midway through the news???

We had that show in an evening slot for many years until interest dropped off. They tried to revive it after a break but it didn’t fire. Let it rest in peace for now.

In addition to Deal or No Deal’s 6pm gameplay, 10 will screen Deal or No Deal: Celebrity in primetime with famous faces competing for charity, including stars from Gogglebox, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Collingwood Football Club, the Matildas and Comedians.

Deal or No Deal: Celebrity will screen from late July on 10.


I knew it wouldn’t be too long until a primetime edition of Deal or No Deal would happen.

I hope they keep them at sharp 30 minute specials. Hated how the prime time Family Feud specials got dragged to an hour.


Alas article says 1 hour, which I agree is too long

Overall the show has been another huge success for Grant, I’ve lost count of how many timeslot wins it has notched up

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If they’re going an hour, at least have 26 cases and more money.

They’re adding three more cases apparently.

read the article for goodness sakes


My bad - might’ve been worth quoting this in the original post which answers all my questions haha:

“We’re hour long, so it’s slightly elongated format, which allows more room to muck around. We added three extra cases to open, and it exposes us to a different time slot as well. As you know, trying to turn around the six o’clock timeslot is one of the toughest challenges, if not the toughest challenge, in television. So exposing our audience in another timeslots just lets people know that the Deal is there, because people are still only discovering us. It’s early days. Whilst we’ve doubled the time slot already, and on the way to tripling it, it’s a long it’s a long game we’re playing.”

I know. But they will have special features on the DOND specials.