Deal or No Deal

I Don’t Think, I Need to Say this that Katlyn Kelly Sold Briefcase #18 for $25,888. So that’s a Bank Offer in the Vicinity of Just Under $26,000 and I also have to say that She had a 1 in 3 Chance that Briefcase #18 Could Have the $100,000 Inside.

I Always Know what the Banker is Like when he is trying to Stop Deal or No Deal Australia Contestants from Walking Away $100,000 Richer. But it is Better to be Safe than Sorry for Cleaner Katlyn Kelly who Sold her Briefcase for Nearly $26,000.

Supervising EP Margie Bashfield said the show had so far received more than 42,000 applications.


Time to expand to 1 hour, move The Project to 9.30pm and start normal programming at 7pm.

No thanks. I enjoy the show being a snappy half hour game show - makes it easier to catch up each night. If they extended it to 1 hour I’d probably stop watching most nights.


Can’t think of anything worse than dragging out a basic concept to an hour.


The 7PM Project anyone?

It worked, and rated, much better in the 30 minute format.


Rated 1m behind Seven News last night. Just putting that out there.

42,000 applications is some sort of record? What game shows do Endemol make?


Nobody said it was a record. They just provided the fact.

Everything rated much better on free to air 15 years ago.

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Tipping Point, I think they did Pointless. Ready Steady Cook could count as a cooking game show - nothing else comes to mind for studio based game shows.

Also, if it counts, their reality games shows and competition shows include Survivor, Traitors, Big Brother, Summit, Beauty & Geek, Masterchef, The Bridge, Hunted

No, but it would be great if they could air a second 30min game show in that 6:30pm timeslot.

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Im confused though. Did David change the headline after you guys commented? In his article It says it breaks endemol shines record

Yeah. Not quite sure what Jim is referring to.

I’m not sure what I’m talking about either. :crazy_face: I was sure I saw a different version of that story.

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Doesn’t really require a high IQ to pick out random briefcases.


A bit of math & probability skills wouldn’t go astray (identifying expected value of the case, identifying probability of an ideal value being in the case, and comparing it to the offer).

But even if it’s not a game relying on skill or intelligence, it’s all a good bit of fun … most contestants win something, the audience has fun and the chance to win a bit of change (the guesses) and by all accounts, everyone in the studio has a good day.

While I would seek out more games of skill, I don’t blame people for seeking out DonD

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Don’t temper with it but I agree adding a show like Temptation at 6:30 would be ideal and shortening The project would benefit all the shows

No, The Project needs to be moved forward to 6:00pm and Deal Or No Deal moved to 7:00pm.

@TV.Cynic I know it’s difficult to compare, but has Deal improved 10s 6pm figures, or is it roughly the same as 10 News First @ 6pm?

What’s your take on the numbers?

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Deal is rating much better than 10 News at 6pm did based on raw total people 5-city metro data. Most days 10’s 6pm audience is now at the same level as or higher than its 5 - 6pm hour, something that pretty much never happened in the past. IN key demos Deal easily outperforms news.

This might not be evident when looking at the top 30 national tables because they are ranked on reach, so shows that people sample for a few minutes push Deal out of the top 30 often. But if you look at the average audience tables that are also posted you will see Deal in the top 30 consistently and well ahead of 10 News in 25-54.


Do you think game shows are the answer to 10’s early evening woes? Because 10 had a lot of game showś at six o’clock, but I think six o’clock isn’t the right time for game shows

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