Dancing with the Stars

Who would be on your list of “most unexpected” contestants?
I’m thinking the PM, Queen Mary, Agro? :joy:

Daryl Somers isn’t doing much these days either :stuck_out_tongue:

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Members were wondering why Peter Hitchener hasn’t returned yet.


This is a real shame, an OG after all and adds a lot to the show. Probably unlikely Helen will come back either (though would be great if she does).

TBH I’ve never really understood his appeal, but I can see him clicking with Sonia

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Yes it would be great if they could get Helen to come back. Craig, Sharna, Helen and Mark would be a fantastic panel.

Hopefully with Dr. Chris coming onboard both hosts will get equal billing unlike when Daryl was on he was always the ‘centre of the universe’ with Sonia playing second fiddle to him.


One almost forgets these days that Dr Chris is a vet,I’ll be watching to see how he does as host of DWTS.

Tristan MacManus might be available?

Thanks for mentioning him. Surely 10 won’t just keep someone of his calibre to do A-League reporting only.

Reunite Craig, Sharna, Tristan and have Mark at the end would also make a great panel. Then we’d be about halfway there to the 10 version.


Kochie rumoured to be on now.

I know of a few others but can’t say. Full list revealed next weekend


You can say if it’s a rumour.

Guessing there is zero chance of them switching to doing this live.

Audience tickets are now available from That’s the Ticket website for the upcoming season 21, which will be filmed at Sydney’s Disney Studios. It was also the venue for season 16 (the first to air on 10) in 2019.

There will be seven evening sessions.
Episode 1: February 22
Episode 2: February 23
Episode 3: February 28
Episode 4: February 29
Episode 5 (Step Back in Time theme): March 5
Semi-final: March 9
Final: March 12

Just seven episodes? Another short season.

During the peak of the show, didn’t it air for around 10 episodes? And that was weekly too. Everything seems rushed these days

Due to people’s short attention spans.

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He’s waiting for the next opportunity to milk the “Hey Hey” archives again

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Hit the nail bang on the head. Sad but true

It’ll never be live again, which is a real shame as you felt you were going along the journey with the celeb/couple you were supporting. Had an element of realness about it

Having said that I still enjoyed last year’s series - the casting was excellent


Casting is the key for a show like this & hopefully this season has an equally good cast and majority of viewers actually heard of the cast

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Rumoured 2024 Names:

• Terri Irwin
• Nova Peris
• Brittany Hockly
• Ian Thorpe
• Nikki Osborne
• Rebecca Gibney
• Buddy Franklin
• Penny Mcnamee
• Larry Emdur
• Stephen Sanchez
• James Stewart

Confirmed to be announced in days.

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Not sure how credible that list is considering Larry Emdur has already done it and Ben Cousins is already confirmed.