Incredible collapse in Dubai by the Aussies aganist Pakistan.

Chasing Pakistan’s 1st innings total of 482, and from a strong position of 0-142, they somehow lost their 10 wickets for just 60 runs to be all out for 202.

Their spin demons have resurfaced yet again.


That opening partnership was a false dawn, like a mirage in the Dubai desert.


I know! And how about Khawaja!


Hi everyone.

Not an expert on cricket, but knowing how popular it is in Australia, might as well be involved in the discussions anyway.

Does anyone know whether the JLT One Day Cup or the Sheffield Shield were ever broadcasted on TV? And were they ever popular in ratings and in general compared to the Tests, ODIs, T20s, BBL etc?


Fox Cricket showed a dozen matches from this season’s JLT Cup.


Domestic one day matches were a regular fixture on free to air from the 1970s until fairly recently when the created the current tournament style. Even then, Nine did them initially. Shield matches go back a bit further. Mid-late 1980s ABC would show the final session state by state. STW9 must have done some Warriors matches into the 1990s as Optus Vision would use that for their service. The final was usually on Nine for competing states during that period.



Do you know whether these matches were ever as popular as the internationals/BBL?


Fair to say no, most were day games, I attended many MCG matches and crowds usually well under 10,000.


I was not around then , but I think in the Bradman era it was as popular as tests? Some years no overseas teams came to Australia due to how far away we are . So I guess that was the golden era of shield cricket. However it use to be stronger some overseas stars played in it. Like Vivian Richards? It’s a shame. I would watch shield cricket if it was on TV. It is on the cricket Australia site. But normally just one camera.


I can only remember the one day games occasionally on Nine/WIN. It seemed to be random whether they would be or not. Later on once Gem became available, there seemed to be more but then they dropped off. I can’t recall the current style being broadcast but it probably was, it was just hit and miss. I don’t remember any Sheffield Shield matches but they may have been market specific.


I tend to remember the mercantile mutual cup. The signs around the ground were a great promotion. If they hit the sign the batter would win money. Before that the McDonald’s cup. Those matches were on nine.


I remember being the FAI Cup played as 2 Premilanary Matches sometimes a Saturday Sunday from the WACA. Then 2 Semi Finals and Final a total of 9 Matches in the late 80’s early 90’s.


I think earliest for me was the Mercantile Mutual Cup and then the ING Cup.


I remember the Gillette Cup and McDonald’s Cup. I also feel old.


In addition to the ING Cup I recall Nine also broadcast ‘Australia A’ games as well (both one day and first class matches). I enjoyed those matches as it was good to have cricket coverage outside of the international games.


Of course there was that bizarre season (or was it two) where they were part of the triangular (quadrangular) series. I used to enjoy seeing the first class match with the players wearing their state caps etc since they hadn’t been given baggy greens


ANother horrible day for the Australian Cricket Team losing to Pakistan by a whopping 373 runs In Abu Dhabi. Usman khawaja was absent hurt during the 2nd innings. What is wrong with Australian cricket team was their batting averages were well below the satisfactory level. Tim Paine didn’t score well as he scored 3 in first innings and a duck. I have to say it is another terrible and a boring game that I have seen this month.


Yep. If they had scored more runs they would have had a better chance of winning.


There’s been something of a Domino effect, in that whilst Australia’s batters have failed, it has meant that their bowlers haven’t been getting much of a rest when the team is batting. Which has also meant they are bowling more overs and the lack of rest between innings has also resulted in Mitchell Starc being injured and being unable to bowl as much as they would have liked (7 overs only in the 2nd innings). Which has put a greater workload on the likes of Nathan Lyon, who consequently bowled 43 overs then.


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