It will be in the Herald Sun tomorrow as well. It was mentioned inside back page of today’s paper.


That’s a tasty looking trophy :cheese:


I’ll have to find it in my digital Tele subscription (All Kings members get one).

Also, I got invited to an member’s forum with the Thunder. At least I can vent my spleen…


Interestingly, it is a 32 page wraparound in the Herald Sun but a 16 page insert in Hobart’s The Mercury.
Not sure what they left out of The Mercury copy as I usually buy the Herald Sun if I’m buying a newspaper (rarely these days) anyway.


Equally cringeworthy was the Brighto Paints trophy used in the recent PAK v AUS Test series in the UAE.

It had paint stripes down the side!


Cricket in disarray. This peever character has proven that cricket Australia is an atrocious organization. Clearly this is why they’ve got the cricket rights so wrong.


Bound to happen. They are run by a bunch of bullies. Dont care what people say James Sutherland was pushed out not willingly left.


I will be standing for CA Chairman on a platform of “Dave Warner can fuck off”

Other initiatives I intend to introduce:

  • Even shorter forms of the game
  • Zing boundary ropes
  • Bring back the majesty of the Mercantile Mutual Cup
  • More Marnus and Moises
  • Ban on Damien Fleming being a commentator
  • Last ball of the over scores double runs or takes double wickets
  • One hand one bounce in the Big Bash
  • Allow the girls to play in the test team
  • the peoples commentary" option on the telly
  • oh and probably most importantly - a ban on the frigging IPL trumpet

I shall also introduce the “Watto School of DRS” and the “Marsh Brothers Institute for not scoring runs when your country needs you”


fuck boys, give him the job already


I second this motion.


They should conduct a review into the tv rights. There was something dodgy going on there as well.


Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Ten have their legal team look into that report and subsequent developments.


Not sure if I agree with the double wicket rule… BUT you could introduce an extra ball if a wicket is taken or if a 4 or a 6 is scored off the last normal ball of an over


Nice in theory. But nothing will come of it sadly.

Seven Tennis Coverage

Thanks for your expert legal advice.


I mean what would you seriously expect to happen at this stage?


Crying about it now and exploring legal options would be a classic bottom-feeder move.


Well in my line of work I’ve seen tender application fees - which can be substantial and usually non-refundable- and costs awarded back to unsuccessful tenders where the process was deemed to be unfair or the winning party had an advantage over other bidders which wasn’t disclosed to other parties.


Court rules new 7/Fox deal illegal. 10 wins rights in new round of negotiations. MediaSpy crashes.

Seven has rushed breathlessly to court over much less in the past.


CA would still want $1b and Ten wouldn’t even offer that even after Peever’s bottom-feeder comment.

For all of CA’s faults, they were right about Ten.