COVID-19: Perth Lockdown

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Discussion of the Perth lockdown

From 6pm 31th Jan to 5th Feb for people living in the Perth metropolitan area, the Peel region and the south-west region.


Fuck. Hope this is just being over over cautious.

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Unfortunately this will keep happening in our cities until we can get the staff vaccinated.


And until we stop flying the virus into the country (I know I know but still).

Clearly I spoke too soon this morning.

Some caps of the coverage from across the Tasman via TVNZ.

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Quarantine security guards not being tested every day (until late this week, according to the Health Minister just then). What a let down.

Solidarity from Victoria, we’ll be rooting for you


What networks are taking this live in Perth?

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Yep - it’s frustrating that Victoria had a full enquiry in exactly what went wrong, made clear recommendations and yet other states have just hoped for the best. A hotel quarantine worker with a second job driving ubers? Good lord…

The outbreak location list sounds extremely vague - like someone spending 2-3 hours at a petrol station, 4 hours at a supermarket?


App based QR code contact tracing hasn’t yet been extended to supermarkets, takeaway food, etc (starts next week) so I suggest that is why some of the locations are vague with timing.

It’s almost like hotel quarantine doesn’t work and poor people get exploited for work.


As someone from SA, this is crazy because we have to scan in at all retail and supermarkets as well as restaurants and cafes.


Think the window for the seismic shift in industrial relations that would be required is well and truly behind us.

It’s suspected the man contracted the virus on Tuesday or Wednesday. Authorities concede he has been in the community for days while potentially infectious. Man also works as a rideshare driver but he hasn’t worked that since he is believed to have contracted the virus. Jacob kagi twitter

Which is a shame as the gig economy isn’t working, young people and people of colour especially, are being exploited for low pay. It’s a fucking mess and middle aged politicians have no interest.


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We seem to only find out about these total absences of common sense after something like this happens. All states should be doing an inquiry in the public arena.

Oh, it is. Just not for the worker.

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While I always knew this could happen, this has still shaken me :frowning:

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You’ll be right… they’re doing the right thing.

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McGowan raised a valid point though - its all well and good to restrict people from working extra jobs in the circumstances, but its reliant on people following it.

Its almost like these states that have had significant periods of time passing since their last local cases have been slow to introduce measures that have been shown to be of assistance

Guess I have to go and find masks now…

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