COVID-19: News Coverage 😷

Discussion of coverage around the Coronavirus outbreak.

Nine’s flagship current affairs program 60 Minutes will have coverage this Sunday - unfortunately Seven don’t have such a program anymore - or any current affairs outside of Flashpoint

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CNBC editor Rick Santelli suggests it would be better for a quicker economic recovery if we just give everyone the coronavirus


There will be a 15-minute coronavirus special - The Virus - on ABC News channel tonight at 7.45pm AEDT.

Everything you need to know about the Coronavirus outbreak spreading around the globe. Jeremy Fernandez and the ABC News team track the week’s major developments and bring you updated information every Friday night.


Message from Coles

As you may have seen, the past few days have been challenging for some customers with shortages of selected items, in particular toilet rolls! For which I apologise.

This is due to increased purchases of everyday items by some customers brought about, in part, by an international media & social media frenzy – which then causes other customers to lose confidence in the system and then buy more themselves. Australia has an outstanding supply chain and most of our products are sourced from Australia including toilet paper.

We’re working to re-stock shelves every day to meet demand, and we have agreements in place to increase production of everyday items in Australia if the need arises. We have increased the number of team members in our stores and our suppliers are doing the same.

However, in the short term, we have reluctantly chosen to introduce a temporary 4 pack limit on toilet paper to ensure the elderly and those groups at highest risk can still access the everyday products they need, and to reduce likelihood of bulk purchasing which then appear on the internet at a price premium.

I understand the average 4 person family needs around 20 rolls of toilet paper per fortnight, and larger packs contain around 30 rolls meaning 4 packs would total 120 rolls - enough for around 12 weeks.

We appreciate the understanding and patience of our customers who miss out, and our hardworking suppliers and team members who are doing their best to ensure we are helping all customers.

We appreciate your business and I know that security of grocery supply is a key concern for all Australians. Through the bushfires I also know that Australia is at its best when we all come together to help each other.

Regards & thanks,

Steven Cain
Chief Executive Officer
Coles Group


Ah yes, the good ol’ “well it might kill some people, but we’d make a lot of money long term” solution.

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With schools and businesses shutdown etc, It will be interesting to see how our media cover this situation over the next 6-12 months.

Also, as this becomes the norm. We might see some of the media under quarantine or under resourced.


I don’t like the ads for 60 minutes this Sunday. Seems they are trying to get people to panic even more about the Corona Virus so Nine can profit off the higher ratings.


Precautions have been made and contingency plans drawn up by some media organisations :wink:


The mods fighting over who gets to restrict my posting next:


Virus super

Some graphics from tonight:


All news suddenly gets broadcast via Skype :thinking:

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BBC News steps up Coronavirus coverage for global audiences

The channel is delivering trusted news on the Coronavirus as it happens from studio teams and correspondents across the globe. is delivering a wide range of in-depth coverage including: Coronavirus v Influenza: How Do The Two Viruses Compare? and Coronavirus Symptoms: What Are They And How To Protect Yourself?. In February 2020, 39 million unique visitors viewed coronavirus articles on, with 124 million page views.

On the BBC World Service, Coronavirus Global Update is a new daily podcast issued at 1700 GMT each day. The 5 minute round up will feature the latest on the spread of the virus around the world, with reports from affected areas, details of the latest medical information - and the global impact on health, business, sport and travel. The Coronavirus Global Update will be made free to BBC partner radio stations around the world and will be available on World Service websites. It will be broadcast on World Service radio in each edition of the OS programme.

BBC Minute is producing a specially commissioned daily Coronavirus roundup in both English and Spanish - with versions planned in Chinese and Persian. These feature the headline developments, updates on outbreaks and the latest health advice. BBC Minute’s Coronavirus Reports are shared with the BBC’s radio and digital partners around the world, aired on the World Service English network and shared on social media channels.

Jamie Angus, Director of the BBC World Service Group, said: “The value of the BBC’s global news operation comes into sharp focus during a crisis like this, when trusted and accurate information is essential to public health. It is vital that audiences have a news source that they can depend on, especially in countries where this is hard to come by, and that dangerous disinformation is exposed.”

BBC OS on World Service radio will broadcast the 5 minute round-up as part of its extensive examination of the Coronavirus at 17.45GMT each day. The programme hears stories from people in affected areas every day; it broadcasts weekly essays from BBC correspondents in affected counties around the world; and provides live updates from the live page.

Extensive coverage and live updates feature on all of the BBC World Service’s 42 language services as the coronavirus extends into more countries around the world. For example, since the first cases of Coronavirus were confirmed in Iran on 19 February, BBC News Persian has provided in-depth coverage, featuring explainers and experts interviews, fact-checking pieces and how-to guides on prevention. While providing public safety information, coverage also reflected voices of concern and distrust from across Iran. Since the start of the outbreak, the number of Persian speakers accessing the Persian language website doubled to over 2 million unique browsers per week.

As Coronavirus spreads in Iran a new daily half hour live programme was launched on BBC Persian TV this week where viewers’ questions and concerns are put to a different expert every day. The programme offers advice about self-quarantine, travel, food and sanitation - while debunking myths and disinformation circulating on social media. In the absence of proper awareness campaigns inside Iran, this daily programme is being received extremely well by Persian TV audiences.

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‘All-out panic’: $155b wiped off, crash likely:


Nine News Brisbane promoted a report in tonight’s news about “recession proofing”.


ABC7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles is reporting Sony will be taping game shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy without a studio audience due to fears about the spread of Coronavirus.

This has interesting implications for Australian productions with shows like The Voice and The Masked Singer reliant on an audience to provide atmosphere and feedback on performances. These shows will be in production when there will be public health concerns about people gathering in large numbers at a time when the spread of the virus is expected to peak.


Miley Cyrus has withdrawn from a bushfire relief concert in Melbourne only three days before she was due to perform. Citing coronavirus fears, she said she was following health authorities’ advice.


Q&A about the virus with Jacinda

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