COVID-19: Melbourne/Greater Victoria Re-Opens

There should be more than enough masks to go around despite the panic buying - surgical & P2 masks might disappear quick but there’s so many cloth masks out there already.

While I do think it’s a good idea to mandate it in Victoria, I do hope we avoid the complacency occuring in the US where masks are essentially treated as a saviour for COVID - even though it seems most masks in the US are cloth, and therefore are minimally effective, or totally ineffective if they’re not clean.

please dont flag this an inaporitate. because to suffers like my self with mental illness being in lockdown sure can bring it out. i myself suffer sococal anxiety , anxiety and depression. songs like this really helped during my dark days and my word there was heaps of them


3AW reports someone has set up a Facebook page listing the police checkpoints around Melbourne, and it has already more than 1000 subscribers.

Nine News reported yesterday that a checkpoint was set up on Nepean Highway at Cheltenham, well inside the metropolitan area. If drivers knew it they could use Beach Road or Warrigal Road to get around.

Why would people need to know this when they shouldn’t be going out anyway?

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It sounds like those booze bus location pages. It’s not necessarily about people doing things that they shouldn’t be. For example after yesterday getting a “Covid check” and getting questioned / intimidated by police for merely going to a shop that was open to purchase one specific thing, if I could go a different route next time to avoid them then I would.


The Victorian Government this morning announced a $534 Million business support package.

The package will include

It doesn’t really matter where they set up, if your excuse doesn’t fit one of the reasons to be out of your home you should get a fine.

Your suggestion to use an alternative route or like the other day people should use public transport to get around suggests you just don’t get it.

I’m still travelling to work each day. We have been issued with letters explaining why we are requured to travel and to produce our ID on request.

The idea isn’t that we are allowed to travel from Laverton to Warburton or Kilmore to Portsea just because they’re all in the lock down area.

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Yeah but you wouldn’t be going that far out of your suburb for essential services. That is where most booze buses are right?

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Victoria Police fined 16 people at a house party after 2 people were spotted buying 20 KFC meals at 1:30am.

Fines were $26,000 in total. When are people going to learn. 🤦


I wonder if the staff of KFC dobbed them in after getting an order for 20 meals in the middle of the night?

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An Ambulance Victoria crew spotted them while they were in the store.

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More details from the horse’s nouth

A shame, because they have been very thorough right through the pandemic with counting customers in and out, sanitising etc.


Corresponding tweet:

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Small but it’s an increase. Probably a better comparison over the next few nights when there is actually more on to watch. I know I watch FTA Sun-Wed/Thurs but then Fri/Sat I tend to go more to steaming or Foxtel as I know there is little on FTA.

Wasn’t sure which thread to post this and sorry for rushed quality

NPC Media updated the EPG program title live this morning, but random start/end times




For fuck sake . Are people thaf stupid ?? No one is
Learning and the messagr aint sinking in through to people.

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