COVID-19: Impact on Sports & Culture (What do I now do on the weekends?)

Discussion of the impacts of COVID-19 on Sports and other cultural endeavours

Global Citizen and the World Health Organization have been working together on “One World: Together At Home” which will be broadcast live around the world on Saturday 18th April.


As discussed on Ten Network schedules thread, 10 has the Australian rights.

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The Melbourne International Film Festival, which is usually held in August each year, has joined the growing list of Australian movie festivals to be cancelled due to coronavirus.

I think a lot of people will be a bit miffed at that decision.


Like every other cancelled event.


The Canadian F1 Grand Prix has been postponed, as well as MotoGP rounds at Mugello and Catalunya.

That’s an assumption because ViacomCBS owns Ten and it is on ViacomCBS channels worldwide. But will be on any other channels in Australia?

It’s not an assumption, it’s been announced.

Nightlife Music, a Brisbane-based venue music provider has announced the act of allowing affected CrowdDJ venues (like gyms and bowling pins) to temporary close their subscriptions, however from the app it seems various locations of these providers are yet to do that. Could be better to just update the app to some sort of COVID-19 apology message and if possible, allow the streaming of their video library?

It was an assumption because it’s on MTV, as stated this morning.

Johnson never said they were exclusive.

I could say that Gogglebox is on 10 and not mention Lifestyle and still be correct.

Correct, I didn’t say it was exclusive.

Meanwhile, here is an interesting tweet I just came from. Seems the All England Club was much more prepared than any other sporting organisations around the world.

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A bit of a crazy thought but would 7 talk to cricket australia about getting rid of their current contract?

As crazy as it is, it would be a good idea.

Money is going to be tight. Cricket hasn’t really worked for them. Could be their chance to just focus on AFL and entertainment.

Yes they need to offload any unnecessary excess costs pronto. Their financial status is dire and they need all the help they can.

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