COVID-19: Impact on Australian TV Industry

Topic for impact of Coronavirus on the Australia TV landscape.


Not sure where to post this… But seeing as Prime is mentioned first:

Well shit.

"This would leave the ABC as the sole broadcaster of regional television news. " but only in a few places like Canberra and Darwin, unless you count Tasmania.


I doubt Nightly News would go off the air in Tassie as it’s a composite bulletin that has been there consistently for decades, plus (correct me if I’m wrong) but it’s number 1 in the 6pm ratings.

abc news victoria only does melbourne stories

and im guessing that sca9 cheaping there packaging prices for advertises mustnt be working then

Not true - they cover plenty of regional news.

my bad i do apolgise:) i dont often watch abc news vic. last time idid they had only metro stories

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All good mate :+1:

Potential to shut down signals?

Joint ventures between regional broadcasters in areas such as regional Western Australia, Tasmania and Darwin are also under review and may have to be shut down, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions.

So, with the exception of Darwin, markets where the joint ventures out-rate WIN? Can’t see this ending well at all


Except for ABC Ballarat, Central Victoria, Gippsland, Goulburn Murray, Mildura, Shepparton, SW Victoria and Western Victoria

i meant on tv and not radio

If I was the ABC I’d be asking for money to run a 10 minute regional news update before the 7pm news.


so if win news does close due to whats going on then that leaves what @Snoozenooze said the only regional news would be the local abc or maybe commerical radio as if win does close down its news service i would assume it would just keep on playing ten news as normal . which then that leaves only radio for regional news

These “regional” broadcasters are not so small. Each of them reaching 5-7 million people

More than NZ and many countries in Europe

They have been crying that they need money for 15 years.


Really? I was under the impression that the 7pm editions of ABC News in the five most populated states have the populated region in/around the capital city as their main focus.

Sure, the ACT, Tasmania and Northern Territory editions of ABC News probably have decent regional coverage but at the same time, I wouldn’t exactly say the commercial competition (except maybe Nightly News on 7 Tasmania or whatever it’s called these days) in those markets is strong…


I wouldn’t say that. Sure, most of the news of the day happens in cities but regional and rural stories regularly make it into the bulletin and the weather report is comprehensive for regional and rural Australia. There’s a reason why it’s called ABC News NSW and not ABC News Sydney.

I recall the ABC avoided using city skyline backdrops for a long time because of the large audience in the country and not wanting to appear city centric.

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That’s true, although there’s still a 7 Day Forecast (which probably wouldn’t be there at all if ABC News was to have a sole focus on the entire state) for the capital cities during the weather.

I’m also fairly sure that ABC News NSW focuses a bit more on Sydney and the immediately surrounding regional areas (such as the Hunter & Illawarra) with less coverage from far flung areas of the state.

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