COVID-19: Discussion of Impact 😷

Moving one patient onshore for treatment is easy. Moving dozens of intubated patients all at once because a particularly nasty strain of the virus has swept through not so much, especially given WA is the only feasible destination and has seemingly minimal ability to treat or manage cases.

Also Christmas Island is a long way away. Like a really long way, further from Perth than Auckland is from Sydney. It’s just not feasible logistically to be ferrying people and resources back and forth over such a large distance.

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Logistically it would be too challenging, not only because of its isolation / limited medical facilities but the feds would have to charter a signficant number of aircraft (which all must fly via Perth due to no ability to refuel at Christmas Island) to effectively move people off and on the island on a daily basis.

The facilities barely hold 2000 people (really closer to 1000 when you consider its likely that people paying for quarantine would be better treated than asylum seekers) so no doubt they’ve decided its not worth the tens of millions that would be needed to keep it operating.

Yep it sure was. And I do get why it was rejected initially but with frequent breaches in hotel quarantine are better placed to trust returning citizens will do the right thing and stay home rather than having hundreds of workers come and go from a facility where they risk infection?!

I don’t see why there can’t be hotel quarantine as long as they have returned a negative test before travelling.

Victoria’s latest numbers -

Good signs that it’s zero new local cases again.


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Victoria’s recommendation to screen all hotel quarantine staff daily was approved by all States and Territories at National Cabinet today.


Only took them this long to implement this.


I know right…, it’s like spot the obvious.

From today, all UK passengers need to complete a negative Covid test before boarding a flight to Australia.

But this new strain is now spreading around the world (not just in the UK) and its predicted to take hold within the USA in the next couple of weeks.

Shouldn’t testing be made mandatory for all international passengers, prior to boarding any flight?


Looks like the UK strain is taking off in Ireland:

Also you can see why Israel is racing ahead with their vaccine rollout, last time figures were this bad they had a total lockdown with a 500m radius.


Typical of our government. They go far but not far enough.


I would suggest the reason the government hasn’t gone all out with this is that they would be at high risk of having the existing commercial airlines dropping services if such requirements are made mandatory. They don’t want to be put in a position where they have to pay Qantas to carry out repatriation flights if the likes of Emirates / Qatar / SQ cancel passenger services leaving the country with near zero international flights.

I’d be more worried about it leaking in via the US. Considerable flights inbound directly from the States to all east coast airports daily and it appears that’s where much of the leakage is coming from, namely American based flight crew. Much of the UK/Euro flights are crews based in Dubai/Qatar/Singapore, not living in these virus ridden places like as US/UK. I’m not sure if BA are still flying in via Singapore

Yes it should and I don’t understand why they aren’t doing it.

But this requirement is something the rest of the world have. A friend just traveled to South America and had to provide a negative test before boarding.

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Three days of zero new local cases for Victoria.

Good stuff, keep it up :muscle:.


So pleased with this. I would assume everyone who was sitting next to the one from the Boxing Day test would have been tested by now.

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