COVID-19: Discussion of Impact 😷

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Antimalarial drug touted by President Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, study says

A study of 96,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients on six continents found that those who received an antimalarial drug promoted by President Trump as a “game changer” in the fight against the virus had a significantly higher risk of death compared with those who did not.

People treated with hydroxychloroquine, or the closely related drug chloroquine, were also more likely to develop a type of irregular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia, that can lead to sudden cardiac death, it concluded.

The study, published Friday in the medical journal Lancet is the largest analysis to date of the risks and benefits of treating covid-19 patients with antimalarial drugs.

This supports what doctors here as well as the FDA and smaller studies have been saying.

Quite an emphatic result.

For those given hydroxychloroquine, there was a 34 percent increase in risk of mortality and a 137 percent increased risk of a serious heart arrhythmias. For those receiving hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic — the cocktail endorsed by Trump — there was a 45 percent increased risk of death and a 411 percent increased risk of serious heart arrhythmias.


Let’s see how he’s gonna spin this as fake news or fake reports.
Honestly how on earth can the Republican party keep supporting this moron?


NYT Front Page

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It’s amazing… 13 times the population of Australia, but 1,000 times as many lives lost.


This has to be hands down the most striking New York Times Front Page I have ever seen, really sends out a strong, but sombre message.


My Lord. That is awful seeing it presented like that. China really do need to be held accountable. This is horrendous.


Completely agree, the sad thing is, the front page only represents 1% of American COVID related deaths, you would need 100 pages to show the true extent. :sweat:

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Agree that China needs to be sanctioned on this but I think the New York Times was really targeting trump in all of this. He needs to be made accountable. The question is can it get any worse over there with the way he’s responded to this.


Good news in Victoria this morning.
Only 1 new case reported in the last 24 hours.


Yes, let’s hope they’ve now traced all of the Cedar Meats and McDonalds cases by now.

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What’s everyone’s thoughts on our state boarders opening up? When should interstate travel commence?

I personally think it’s understandable that states/territories with no (or very few) active cases of COVID-19 are being cautious by keeping things closed for the time being.

NSW and Victoria are probably jumping the gun somewhat with their easing of restrictions.


I feel for the tourism sector, especially in QLD. I think they have every right to be upset. To keep the borders closed is far too risk averse when there is negligible community transmission. It’s very easy for people to support a ‘take no risks’ approach when it is not their job and livelihood that is at stake. We should have confidence in our good healthcare system that it can handle the crisis, especially with this time to prepare. Life has to go on, can’t stay under the blanket forever.

Also the states with no cases have much lower testing rates and QLD is not doing any randomised testing. There is every chance that community transmission is rampant in other states and we don’t know about it. I feel much safer in a state recording new cases that has good testing vs a state that isn’t recording cases but isn’t looking.


I don’t think NSW and VIC are jumping the gun. Playgrounds, cultural institutions, cinemas, restaurants should have been allowed to reopen as early as last week.

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I’m thinking a stage process would be good.

Stage 1 SA, WA, NT, commence a travel bubble.
Stage 2 QLD & TAS join the travel bubble.
Stage 3 VIC, NSW & ACT join the travel bubble
Stage 4 Trans Tasman travel bubble commenced with New Zealand & Pacific Islands.


Apparently only one person has been identified having covid-19 from using the CovidSafe app


I feel like Victoria are going around the right way with easing of restrictions by seeing what other states/territories do and see what progress is being made with new cases etc and then deciding that best course of action. If you think about it we seem to be at least two or three weeks behind the others in regards to easing our restrictions.

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