COVID-19: Discussion (2022 Onwards)

That’s actually where I come from in China and it’s absolutely disgusting what the authorities are doing. I feel bad for not only my family members but for the Chinese people who’ve had to live under this in-and-out circus show of a lockdown for the past two years. They’ve had two years to prepare for this with vaccination and investment in health and they blow it all up on keeping Winnie happy.



The case centred on the technical basis that the notices do not provide a sufficiently detailed description of the offence committed and are therefore invalid.

In a statement issued after the ruling, Revenue NSW confirmed it would withdraw 33,121 fines, which is around half the total number of 62,128 COVID-related infringements issued.

Statement by Revenue NSW

NSW Department of Customer Service

The health and safety of all residents was the highest priority of the NSW Government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Redfern Legal Centre has challenged penalty notices issued for contraventions of COVID-19 Public Health Orders on the technical basis that the notices do not provide a sufficiently detailed description of the offence committed and are therefore invalid.

The Commissioner of Fines Administration is able to independently review or withdraw penalty notices. In this case, he has decided to exercise his statutory power to withdraw two types of Public Health Order fines:

  • ‘Fail to comply with noticed direction in relation section 7/8/9 – COVID-19’ – Individual.
  • ‘Fail to comply with noticed direction in relation section 7/8/9 – COVID-19’ – Company.

This decision does not mean the offences were not committed. A total of 33,121 fines will be withdrawn, which is around half of the total number of 62,138 COVID-19 related fines issued.

The remaining 29,017 COVID-19 fines will still be required to be paid if not already resolved. They are not affected by this decision.

Where fines are withdrawn, all sanctions, including driver licence restrictions or garnishee order activity will be stopped.

Where a fine has been withdrawn and a customer has made a payment – either in part or in full – Revenue NSW will make contact to arrange a refund or credit the payment towards other outstanding debts.

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Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas today announced all Victorians will be eligible to pick up two free packets of RATs at any state testing site until 31 December, with no eligibility requirement.
With access to RATs expanding significantly this year, demand for state-funded PCR testing has steadily declined and from 31 December 2022 all of Victoria’s remaining state-run PCR testing sites will close.

Victoria’s nine remaining state-run mobile vaccination services, operated by local public health units, will also cease operating by 31 December – as most Victorians are getting vaccinated locally through GPs and pharmacies.

Following the closure of state-run PCR testing sites, local councils currently providing free RATs to eligible members of the community will be supported by the Government to provide free RATs to all Victorians until June 2023.

The council distribution program is currently operating across 180 local sites like libraries and council customer service centres, with preparations underway to expand access further throughout next year.

Concession card holders, those aged 70 and over, people with a disability and other higher risk groups can already access free RATs closer to home through participating local councils.


As soon as the US brought it in, it was inevitable that other western countries would do it.
There’s still minimal inbound passenger traffic from mainland China into Australia, particularly direct flights and by the time this ramps up in a few months, I suspect this requirement will be scrapped.

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Pandering to bedwetters again


There was arguments among the medical profession in recent days on whether people arriving in Australia from China should be tested for COVID.

Is this really what other countries have done? I thought they were just considering mandatory testing on arrival? Banning positives from getting on the plane is very harsh, not consistent with ‘living with covid’ at all.

I am mixed about this. Sure the CCP is never reliable when it comes to things like this and the fact that lots of people aren’t vaccinated in China are a cause for concern (as indicated with so many cases) which is why many countries are doing so and it’s fair enough from that POV.

But on the other hand, if the world has really moved on from COVID then why are we still all imposing restrictions and rules like this in an almost trigger-happy way? It’s not really living with COVID if we’re reacting as if the Chinese are bringing a new plague or anything.

If China starts throwing shade at the West because of these restrictions then no one can really blame them considering other countries never had to face these kind of restrictions when they reopened (South Korea, Japan, America, UK etc) after vaccination. I know most of the world has an intense dislike for the Chinese government but surely they shouldn’t play petty games like these if they want to adopt the ‘living with COVID’ mantra.

The US announced it a few days ago, and prior to this India, Italy, Japan and Taiwan did the same.

(Note that this article is from the 29th Dec, before the announcement today).

I think you may have answered your own comments with your vaccination points.

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Just flat out racism, and the kind of anti-Chinese stuff I’d hoped we’d left behind with the previous government, given the other steps taken to repair the relationship since.

Someone flying in from the US being positive with one of the newer variants from there, just walks off a plane and into the community, but someone from China needs to test negative? Utterly indefensible.

If you want to do voluntary testing to try and track variants, I’m sure most people would be happy to comply. Indeed most would likely to be the ones to voluntarily isolate or mask up if they were ill - but throwing up the border to them - it’s out of line with all public health measures.


by the sounds of it this is the reason why:

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says WHO officials stressed to Beijing the importance of sharing data ahead of easing of travel restrictions on 8 January
The World Health Organisation again urged China’s health officials to regularly share specific, real-time information on the country’s Covid surge, as the UK joined other countries in bringing in travel restrictions, citing a lack of data as the reason.

WHO Covid experts met Chinese officials on Friday and “again stressed the importance of transparency and regular sharing of data to formulate accurate risk assessments and to inform effective response”, said the WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

In particular, WHO requested more genetic sequencing data, data on hospitalisations, intensive care unit admissions and deaths – and data on vaccinations delivered and vaccination status, especially in vulnerable people and those over 60 years old.

I should’ve been more specific. Most of the unvaccinated are the elderly (ironically) and aren’t the type to travel abroad immediately.

Most of the people who travel often would’ve already been vaccinated multiple times and have (recently) caught the virus. Plus if we’re going to be worried about variants popping up then why didn’t we see restrictions come in when BA.4/5/2.75/XBB came out of their respective countries. It does make it seem like China’s being unfairly targeted and it’s the people who are paying the price.

There isn’t any threat at the moment. I feel like it’s indirect political point scoring with America leading the charge in their sphere of influence.

Fact of the matter is that Chinese travellers pose the same amount of risk as any other traveller from any country. Saying otherwise will only fuel the discontent and tensions between China and the West at a time when these things shouldn’t be happening.

I will admit it is unusual our Fed Govt said no no not happening only days ago and now the US have done it and now they are jumping on the bandwagon going yes yes. There very may could be some international politics involved.


This will not age well politically.

Reminds me of the India ban and jail threats from a few years back. India never had a wave as bad as the UK and USA’s, they never had the same total travel ban enforced. That inconsistency has never been explained.

The most pro-restriction voices all thought that India ban was going way to far, I wonder if it will be the same here?

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This is definitely the vibe I get as well.
To be completely ruling it out only a few days ago and backflipping now makes it pretty obvious.

And maybe we should start making use of those quarantine facilities that were built.

14 days mandatory quarantine for all arrivals. Tests on day 7 and 12.

If positive on day 12 send them back.