COVID-19: Discussion (2022 Onwards)

Seems that they have their priorities in order…

Mark McGowan is set to scrap daily COVID-19 case updates on his Facebook page, saying they were no longer necessary.

Instead, he will provide weekly summaries that provide a snapshot of the COVID-19 situation in WA.

Mr McGowan said his final daily update would be posted on Friday, however daily updates would still be available on the WA Health website.

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The Victorian Government is scaling back the number of COVID vaccination and test sites across the state by June 30.

Has anyone been a household contact and not got covid? My partner recently tested positive again to covid - we haven’t avoided one another and continued to live normally. Yet I never tested positive. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Have had a few colleagues that’s happened to - indeed someone who went the 7 days at the time, didn’t get it, came back to work and then caught it a few days later from another source.

Similar case around the country I believe - with exception to one or two sites, all of the WA Government community clinics are closing by the end of July.

It happened to my brother the other week. His wife and son both had Covid. They also passed it onto other people that they had seen but my bro just remained negative. He was doing 2 tests per day and even did a PCR to be sure… all negative. He’s a teacher too so is testing regularly, so definitely hasn’t had it recently. He’s never had Covid.

We had a friend visit from Perth a few weeks back and she tested positive day 3 :frowning: Both of us did not test positive again. We had been positive back in Feb/Mar.