COVID-19: Canberra Re-Opens

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No more sashimi tadpoles :frowning:

It had been over a year since the last locally acquired case in Canberra. It will be the ACT’s first lockdown of 2021.

Was their only one the initial nationwide lockdown?

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ACT Vaccination rates as of August 10:

First dose - 52.1%
Second dose - 27.47%

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time. People wondered why Victoria declared ACT a ‘red zone’ a few weeks ago.

Canberrans are asked to only leave home for essential reasons:

  • Essential work
  • accessing healthcare including getting vaccinated
  • Essential groceries and supplies
  • One hour of exercise a day.
    There’s no 5 km rule yet but Canberrans are advised to shop and exercise in local area where they live

Congratulations to @Bort, who is the second mod to get their own lockdown thread this week.


ACT Health said a man in his 20s from Gungahlin in Canberra’s north had tested positive to the virus and had been infectious in the community since Sunday, however the source of the infection was unknown, with multiple exposure sites listed.

ACT Government has also declared a COVID-19 affected area, and only those from approved postcodes in that state like Yass, Queanbeyan and Bungendore will be permitted to enter the ACT, and for essential reasons only.


Crazy scenes


So they’ve rushed to one of the exposure sites! Do these people want to catch COVID-19?

COVID-19 doesn’t come into effect until after lockdown commences, as we all know.

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NT will declare the ACT as a COVID hotspot at 4.30pm ACST (5pm AEST) today, when the 7-day lockdown officially begins. Anyone approved to come to the Top End from the ACT after that time will be directed into 14 days of supervised quarantine at their own expense.

Tasmanian health authorities are set to declare the ACT as a high-risk zone from 5pm today. Anyone who has been in the ACT will not be allowed to enter Tasmania unless they are essential travellers, otherwise they will need to spend 14 days in quarantine.

NSW Government has also imposed stay-at-home orders to people who was in Canberra on or after August 5.

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I expected better from Canberrans but stupid knows no geography (or any other subject). The no mask rule for the ACT was a bit absurd, too, given that masks have been required for months in Queanbeyan.

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Unfortunately, It was only a matter of time until it spread from Sydney to Canberra.

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Yep. We were all waiting for it. Sooner rather than later.

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The irony. Lol

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oh its getts better lol i have read the nsw deputy premier has said it the virus leaks into regional nsw from the act he will call for a state wide lockdown of nsw lol

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