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It does cover the Brisbane basin fairly well, elevated part of the peninsula it comes from so anywhere bayside or northside gets it well.

From my experience 100.3 Bay FM is the strongest of the sub-metro stations across most of Brisbane - that can be heard well into the northside of Brisbane as well as down through the Gold Coast


Because their arrays (2 bay set up) don’t point in the directions outlined on the LAP, they face west and south.

They have a client based on the Gold Coast for real estate and Twin Towns sponsorship announcements.

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Looks like the storm this evening took out 100.7 WOW-FM Western Sydney - no transmission.


I can add both 2MWM 88.7 & 90.3 outlets to the list of storm effected community stations.
Unusual spectrum display from transmitters…

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Logan City radio 101.1 fm is off the air due to the massive storm we had in the Brisbane area tonight.

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Back on the air again

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But both back on air today.

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It’s back, but at barely detectable transmission signal level, not a good sign at all for WOW FM.


100.3 Bay FM Wynnum/Redlands does not have a strong signal on North Stradbroke Island.

Despite having a closer proximity to the TX site than other signals, at Amity Point and Point Lookout, the signal is weak with Brisbane and Gold Coast stations better.

In some locations, it is about the level of River 949 which is far west from there.

BAY has a two bay antenna but neither point towards the licence area, they face NW and south.


Do ACMA perform any sort of audit or compliance checks in regards to this sort of thing? Making sure power output and direction is correct etc…

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Only reactive. Complaint based.

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Yes, it would be too expensive to do regular checks.

I wonder how their complaint system works? Do they have to wait for 2 or more member of the public complaints, or for it to come from anther broadcaster, and then they send 1-2 people from Canberra to investigate?

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A great initiative from Hobart community station, Ultra106Five. Free outdoor movie screenings!


I agree, even though it’s coming into the wrong time of the year to do them!


Tassie’s weather is pretty good in March, better than November and even December at times. High pressure systems sit over Tassie through March and April; the same pattern results in SE winds and showers along the NSW coast.

This is also why I chose March for my southern NZ trip.


Does anyone know if there has been any changes to the transmissions of 2SSR?? It has gone from being one of my weakest community fm stations at my location at Stanhope Gardens to one of my strongest, similar in strength to 2SWR.


It’s certainly using wider modulation as I’m suffering splat on SWR FM again. I can’t really tell if they’ve increased the power since I’m so close to the tx.


I tried. Its not noticeably stronger but I am not monitoring it. I did enjoy the Aussie show thanks Ant 5476. :+1:

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Misleading headline aside - the impact of ACMA auctioning off the 850MHz band is beginning to be felt, with some stations needing to replace their STLs.


It’s back at normal (AFAICT) signal levels. :slight_smile:

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