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When and where was Groove?


TCBL. Hip hop/RnB format version of Wild. Tightly formatted, to the average punter, sounded commercial.

Began in Sydney with a few broadcasts and spread to Brisbane but as late to the game, only one broadcast.

I personally wasn’t impressed.


Interesting development.


But the mainstream media too often presents an unbalanced, sensationalised and negative perspective

Wonder how they’ll cover the fall-out from that royal commission…


How many journos over what span of hours does a quarter of a million buy a professional community station in 2019?


TBH, I was actually expecting an announcement of 2CH relaunching an independent news service before one of Hope launching their own!

Aside from the obvious Christian skew, one wonders if “Hope News” will be Sydney-centric or presented from a more national perspective to make for a product which is more likely to be picked up by other Christian community broadcasters around Australia.

Yep, I agree.

It’s a particularly interesting quote from a broadcaster who for over a decade now, has regularly simulcasted the audio (albeit with their own content during the ad breaks) of a very mainstream Sydney television news service.


Hopefully they have their own traffic service with the ultimate eye in the sky…God! :rofl:

(that’s a Mock The Week/Hugh Dennis joke if you don’t get it)



More departures from BAY FM Redlands

Long time Saturday sport show host, John Devine has left, along with his various assistants.

John left as he decided it was better for his ego to jump rather than being pushed.

The bunch of long retired commercial types who have control of the station, the management committee plus the sales and marketing consultancy (yes, quite the conflict of interest) never liked him but kept him on as they had other priorities and no ideas on how or who to replace him with.

The two hours are now being covered by a retired butcher among others who pop up covering every shift that needs to be filled. It’s their typical pub rock, dated 80’s music format as that’s the last time the programming consultant worked in radio.

John Devine lives way over the other side of the Brisbane metro area in Ashgrove, so the driving would’ve been a stretch, however the current attitudes of management being the tipping point.


I was driving from Station Pier in Melbourne to North Victoria and listening to 97.7fm aroudn
the western ring road which is Casey radio(Not bad station to listen too) but also getting ABC Goulburn Murray in patches.

It came to news time and listening to the news and it was a different news package to Macquaire or Fairfax news. It was Australian Independent News(Sorry might be the wrong name).

Is the Australian Independant news from the Community Radio Association or is it another company because I could not find anything about it.


That would be AIR News run out of Melbourne:


99.7 “Bridge” FM in Redcliffe will be off air this Monday due to installation of their new transmitter and aerial.


Very unhappy people at Albany Community Radio, with an allegedly violent AGM, and management displeasure that one presenter was playing the odd Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons song rather than only the regular 1950s/1960s music.


Warwick community licensee, 4SDB on air ID Rainbow 89.3 changed at the new year to Rose City FM. A rather restrictive name considering their reach is the northern half of the Southern Downs council area which is beyond the Warwick city boundaries itself.

Not many sponsors and a low level of involvement on air to off air.

How many will notice?


Yes, I think Southern Downs FM would sound better than Rose City FM anyway.


Vision run a national christian news service that is national and they onsell to other christian stations (not that it matters given vision are the biggest player in the market).


Bridge made it back on air. Can’t tell any difference in signal strength. Unfortunately no RDS - this was introduced in August but was later dropped.


Went for a drive past the water tower today. The side mount 2 element vertical antenna has either been relocated somewhere else on the tower or replaced entirely. Will go for a closer inspection tomorrow.

I definitely notice the sound is much nicer. Packing more of a ‘punch’ from my ears.

Edit: Just had a look this morning and the water tower is sporting a 2 bay mixed polarity antenna now. So they’ve gone from vertical to mixed by the looks of things.


Bridge FM pus out quite a signal.


Here you can see that despite being on the far side of the city from me it is as strong as the Mt Coot-tha signal from 4AAA.


Though based on @Mechsta 's bandscan in the AM/FM DX thread, it doesn’t travel all that well down south, not being received at Kingscliff.

Even in a north facing highrise in Surfers, reception is only fair.